Mutthida Majlis-e-Amal Pakistan - MMA

Mutthida Majlis-e-Amal Pakistan - MMA

Mutthida Majlis-e-amal Pakistan is a registered political party in Pakistan with Election Commision of Pakistan (ECP). The abbreviation of the party is (MMA) and allotted election symbol is book. Below is the list of all party members including the chairman, president, vice president, secretary etc. A complete profile of every party candidate is also given, which has the past elections records, number of votes, winning status and overall percentage of votes received. The profile also includes the contact details of all party members.

Mutthida Majlis-e-amal Pakistan

Mutthida Majlis-e-amal Pakistan Leadership

Mutthida Majlis-e-amal Pakistan Candidates

Haji Abdul Jalil JanHaji Abdul Jalil JanMaulana Rehmat UllahMaulana Rehmat UllahAziz Ud DinAziz Ud DinMaulana Nisar KhanMaulana Nisar KhanMufti Muhammad SajjadMufti Muhammad SajjadMaulana Mohammad QasimMaulana Mohammad QasimMaulana Taj-ul-Amin Jabal1Maulana Taj-ul-amin Jabal1Said Mukhtar AhmedSaid Mukhtar AhmedMaulana Atta-ul-HaqMaulana Atta-ul-haqMolana Abdul HaiMolana Abdul HaiMufti Ajmal KhanMufti Ajmal KhanMaulana Mian Hussain JalaliMaulana Mian Hussain JalaliProfessor Raja Aurangzeb KhanProfessor Raja Aurangzeb KhanQari Syed Abdul Rahim ShahQari Syed Abdul Rahim ShahLaiq Muhammad KhanLaiq Muhammad KhanMolvi KarimdadMolvi KarimdadDoctor Muhammad Khalid Raza Pir Zakori SharifDoctor Muhammad Khalid Raza Pir Zakori SharifMaulana Sadiq AhmadMaulana Sadiq AhmadMohammad Hafizur RehmanMohammad Hafizur RehmanRahat HussainRahat HussainMolvi Muhammad Jehangir KhanMolvi Muhammad Jehangir KhanMolana Fazal AzimMolana Fazal AzimSahibzada Khalid JanSahibzada Khalid JanDr. Abid Rauf OrakzaiDr. Abid Rauf OrakzaiRaja Ishtiaq AhmedRaja Ishtiaq AhmedMuhammad Zubair KayaniMuhammad Zubair KayaniHAFIZ SAEED AHMADHafiz Saeed AhmadSyed Abdul Salam Hassan Raza NaqviSyed Abdul Salam Hassan Raza NaqviAslam KatchelaAslam KatchelaMufti Fazal-ur-Rehman Nasir.Mufti Fazal-ur-rehman Nasir.Moulana Muhammad Zahid AnwarMoulana Muhammad Zahid AnwarAbdul Moeen QureshiAbdul Moeen QureshiQazi Hameed Ullah KhanQazi Hameed Ullah KhanMaulana Zahoor Ahmad RanjhaMaulana Zahoor Ahmad RanjhaMufti Muhammad YounasMufti Muhammad YounasHafiz Sana UllahHafiz Sana UllahHafiz Muhammad Ejaz-ul-Haq Ch.Hafiz Muhammad Ejaz-ul-haq Ch.Prof. Abdul Rehman LudhanviProf. Abdul Rehman LudhanviQari Muhammad Zawar Bahadur (Retired)Qari Muhammad Zawar Bahadur (retired)Qari Muhammad Zawar BahadurQari Muhammad Zawar BahadurDr. Abdul Rehman ShakirDr. Abdul Rehman ShakirRauy Bashir AhmadRauy Bashir AhmadHafiz Muhammad Hanif Zafar (Advocate)Hafiz Muhammad Hanif Zafar (advocate)Sibghatullah ChuadhrySibghatullah ChuadhryAllama Doctor Muhammad Anees RohaniAllama Doctor Muhammad Anees RohaniKhawja Ghulam Nizam Ud DinKhawja Ghulam Nizam Ud DinMalik Faiz Muhammad AdovocateMalik Faiz Muhammad AdovocateMehr Muhammad IjazMehr Muhammad IjazMuhammad Rab NawazMuhammad Rab NawazEhsan Bari Mian Doctor SahibEhsan Bari Mian Doctor SahibMuhammad Riaz NooriMuhammad Riaz NooriMuhammad Faiz-ur-RehmanMuhammad Faiz-ur-rehmanSyed Muhammad Ayoub.Syed Muhammad Ayoub.Manzoor Ahmed SoomroManzoor Ahmed SoomroMoulana Abdullah PahoreMoulana Abdullah PahoreMufti Abdul Nabi LangahMufti Abdul Nabi LangahMufti Ali Hassan Buriro.Mufti Ali Hassan Buriro.Molvi Muhammad Idrees SoomroMolvi Muhammad Idrees SoomroHizbullahHizbullahHafiz Abdul Razaq ParhyarHafiz Abdul Razaq ParhyarAbdullah ShaikhAbdullah ShaikhMuhammad Ramzan PhulpotoMuhammad Ramzan PhulpotoMr. Mufti Wali MuhammadMr. Mufti Wali MuhammadKari Abdul Rasheed Awan (Retired)Kari Abdul Rasheed Awan (retired)Sahibzada Abul Khair Muhammad ZubairSahibzada Abul Khair Muhammad ZubairMoulanaTaj Muhammad NahiyonMoulanataj Muhammad NahiyonHafiz Muhammad Ibrahim SoomroHafiz Muhammad Ibrahim SoomroImdad Hussain PitafiImdad Hussain PitafiGhulam Kibriya Rizwan (G.K. Rizwan Advocate)Ghulam Kibriya Rizwan (g.k. Rizwan Advocate)Haji Ghulam Qadir NoohaniHaji Ghulam Qadir NoohaniMufti Muhammad Hanif KhosoMufti Muhammad Hanif KhosoMolana Abdul Ghafoor QasimiMolana Abdul Ghafoor QasimiQari Muhammad UsmanQari Muhammad UsmanMir WaliMir WaliMuhammad Ilyas Siddique AdvocateMuhammad Ilyas Siddique AdvocateIbrahim Rais AdvocateIbrahim Rais AdvocateShabbir Abu TalibShabbir Abu TalibHidayat-ur-RehmanHidayat-ur-rehmanMoulana Abdul Karim AbidMoulana Abdul Karim AbidAbdul Aziz Khan Khilji AdvocateAbdul Aziz Khan Khilji AdvocateMalik Sikandar KhanMalik Sikandar KhanMolvi Agha MuhammadMolvi Agha MuhammadHaji RozuddinHaji RozuddinMolvi FaizullahMolvi FaizullahMaulana Malik Muhammad Khan SheraniMaulana Malik Muhammad Khan SheraniMolvi AttaullahMolvi AttaullahMoulana Abdul Samad Shahwani. (R)Moulana Abdul Samad Shahwani. (r)Molana Abdul Ghafoor Hyderi.Molana Abdul Ghafoor Hyderi.Molvi Qamar-ud-DinMolvi Qamar-ud-dinAbdul Aziz BalochAbdul Aziz BalochMufti Ahtisham-ul-Haq Asia AbadiMufti Ahtisham-ul-haq Asia AbadiSohail Irfan AbbasiSohail Irfan AbbasiAbdul Shakoor HamadiAbdul Shakoor HamadiMuhammad Zaheer Akhtar MujadidiMuhammad Zaheer Akhtar MujadidiQari Muhammad Zia Ul Haq HaqaniQari Muhammad Zia Ul Haq HaqaniHafiz Muhammad HaroonHafiz Muhammad HaroonAllama Ayyaz Zaheer HashmiAllama Ayyaz Zaheer HashmiQARI ATEEQ-UR-REHMANQari Ateeq-ur-rehmanMAULANA SHAHABUDDIN AHMED QURESHIMaulana Shahabuddin Ahmed QureshiIrfan Ullah SanaiIrfan Ullah SanaiMehr Zahoor Ahmed ArainMehr Zahoor Ahmed ArainMaulana Muhammad Sibtain Shah NaqviMaulana Muhammad Sibtain Shah NaqviMalik Muhammad Ashfaq AwanMalik Muhammad Ashfaq AwanAli Haidar Noor Khan NiaziAli Haidar Noor Khan NiaziSahabzada Qari Ghulam YasinSahabzada Qari Ghulam YasinAllama Muhammad Sajid FarooqiAllama Muhammad Sajid FarooqiMian Abu Bakar HamzaMian Abu Bakar HamzaAbdul Wakeel Alias Jamal FaraziAbdul Wakeel Alias Jamal FaraziSaqib RehmanSaqib RehmanMuhammad Abdul ShakoorMuhammad Abdul ShakoorMuhammad Rafiq TahirMuhammad Rafiq TahirChudhary Muhammad Siddique AdvocateChudhary Muhammad Siddique AdvocateMoulana Hajaj Ullah SamdaniMoulana Hajaj Ullah SamdaniSahibzada Hafiz Muhammad Imran AreefSahibzada Hafiz Muhammad Imran AreefRana Irafan FarooqRana Irafan FarooqHakeem Muhammad Afzal JamalHakeem Muhammad Afzal JamalHafiz Muhammad IdreesHafiz Muhammad IdreesNoor Ahmed.Noor Ahmed.Qari Abdul GhaffarQari Abdul GhaffarMuhammad Hashim TahamiMuhammad Hashim TahamiRana Muhammad YaqoobRana Muhammad YaqoobHafiz Arshad Ali Naqshbandi (Retired)Hafiz Arshad Ali Naqshbandi (retired)Haji Abdul Razzaq (Retired)Haji Abdul Razzaq (retired)Prof. Hafiz Muhammad AbubakarProf. Hafiz Muhammad AbubakarImtiaz Ahmad AdvocateImtiaz Ahmad AdvocateHafiz Qari Hafeez Ur Rehman AmirHafiz Qari Hafeez Ur Rehman AmirRana Obaid UllahRana Obaid UllahMuhammad SarwarMuhammad SarwarSibghat Ullah Chaudhry AdvocateSibghat Ullah Chaudhry AdvocateMian Amjad Ali ZiaMian Amjad Ali ZiaProfessor Muhammad YaqoobProfessor Muhammad YaqoobMuhammad Ayoub MughalMuhammad Ayoub MughalCh: Abdul Rahim GujjarCh: Abdul Rahim GujjarMian Arshad Iqbal ArainMian Arshad Iqbal ArainMulana Attaullah BukhariMulana Attaullah BukhariMalik Muhammad Asghar MansviMalik Muhammad Asghar MansviKhawja Muhammad Nizam-ul-MehmoodKhawja Muhammad Nizam-ul-mehmoodMaulana Muhammad Ismail SajidMaulana Muhammad Ismail SajidMufti Muhammad Abdul JaleelMufti Muhammad Abdul JaleelFiaz Ul Haq KhanFiaz Ul Haq KhanDr. Muhammad Iqbal Medhi TaragarDr. Muhammad Iqbal Medhi TaragarMina Najam Ul Hassan Qureshi HashmiMina Najam Ul Hassan Qureshi HashmiMalik Ahmad Qaswar Karim LangrialMalik Ahmad Qaswar Karim LangrialMuhammad Shafi KhanMuhammad Shafi KhanHafiz Muhammad Rab Nawaz FarooqiHafiz Muhammad Rab Nawaz FarooqiAbdul Qayyum TahirAbdul Qayyum TahirIftikhar Ahmed HaqqaniIftikhar Ahmed HaqqaniQari Muhammad Aslam Malik AdvocateQari Muhammad Aslam Malik AdvocateMuhammad Iqbal AzhariMuhammad Iqbal AzhariMaulana Shabir Ahmed UsmaniMaulana Shabir Ahmed UsmaniPeerjee Abdul Qadir AnjumPeerjee Abdul Qadir AnjumCh. Shehzad Rasheed JuttCh. Shehzad Rasheed JuttAllama Muhammad Hanif HaqaniAllama Muhammad Hanif HaqaniAbdul Rahim HaqaniAbdul Rahim HaqaniMufti Abdul Hameed DaherMufti Abdul Hameed DaherSultan Ahmad BandaishaSultan Ahmad BandaishaShaikh Nadeem Hussain SiddiqueShaikh Nadeem Hussain SiddiqueAkunzada Irfan Ullah ShahAkunzada Irfan Ullah ShahOwais Ahmad QadriOwais Ahmad QadriMaulana Hafiz Abdur Rauf JanMaulana Hafiz Abdur Rauf JanHaji Ihsan-ul-HaqHaji Ihsan-ul-haqMulana Aman Ullah HaqqaniMulana Aman Ullah HaqqaniShaheen UllahShaheen UllahAzhad UllahAzhad UllahAsif Iqbal DaudzaiAsif Iqbal DaudzaiMaulana Sami Ur Rehman MadniMaulana Sami Ur Rehman MadniTila MuhammadTila MuhammadKhalid Waqar ChamkaniKhalid Waqar ChamkaniMaulana Moh: Mujahid Khan Al-HussanMaulana Moh: Mujahid Khan Al-hussanQari Zahoor AhmadQari Zahoor AhmadMohammad Arshad KhanMohammad Arshad KhanMohammad Sajjad KhanMohammad Sajjad KhanSahibzada Mufti Gohar Ali ShahSahibzada Mufti Gohar Ali ShahFazal RabbaniFazal RabbaniMaulana Amanat Shah HaqqaniMaulana Amanat Shah HaqqaniMaulana Israrul Haq HaqqaniMaulana Israrul Haq HaqqaniHaji Kishwar KhanHaji Kishwar KhanShahid KhanShahid KhanHafiz Akhtar AliHafiz Akhtar AliMaulana Mubbarak Ahmed HaqqaniMaulana Mubbarak Ahmed HaqqaniShah MaqboolShah MaqboolHaji Khalid AkbarHaji Khalid AkbarMaulvi Sahibzada Mohammad AminMaulvi Sahibzada Mohammad AminAbdul MajidAbdul MajidMaulana Fazal AliMaulana Fazal AliMaulana Fazzal BaqiMaulana Fazzal BaqiMujeeb Ur RehmanMujeeb Ur RehmanMaulana Fakhr-ur-RehmanMaulana Fakhr-ur-rehmanDoctor Iqbal DinDoctor Iqbal DinMalik Qasim Khan KhattakMalik Qasim Khan KhattakMufti Syed JananMufti Syed JananSardar Fazal Ur RehmanSardar Fazal Ur RehmanMolana Fazal-ur-Rehman MadniMolana Fazal-ur-rehman MadniSardar Muhammad IdreesSardar Muhammad IdreesRaja Faisal ZamanRaja Faisal ZamanMumtaz Hussain HashmiMumtaz Hussain HashmiShah IbrahimShah IbrahimSyed Hidayat Ullah ShahSyed Hidayat Ullah ShahMufti Khafiat UllahMufti Khafiat UllahMoulana Nasir MehmoodMoulana Nasir MehmoodMuhammad IrshadMuhammad IrshadMoulana Fakhrul HassanMoulana Fakhrul HassanMuhammad Ihtezaz Ayaz MalangMuhammad Ihtezaz Ayaz MalangShah Hussain KhanShah Hussain KhanMolana Dildar AhmadMolana Dildar AhmadMaulana Asmat UllahMaulana Asmat UllahSabir KhanSabir KhanHafiz Hammadullah FarooqHafiz Hammadullah FarooqMaulana Lutuf-u-RehmanMaulana Lutuf-u-rehmanIrfanullah DurraniIrfanullah DurraniQari Gul AzeemQari Gul AzeemHamid ShahHamid ShahAkram Khan DuraniAkram Khan DuraniNaseer Muhammad Maidad KhelNaseer Muhammad Maidad KhelMufti SubhanullahMufti SubhanullahMaulana Haleem Ur RehmanMaulana Haleem Ur RehmanMoulana Muhammad Tayyab SaddiqiMoulana Muhammad Tayyab SaddiqiMaulana Nizam-ud-DinMaulana Nizam-ud-dinMaulana Syed IrfanullahMaulana Syed IrfanullahQari MahmoodQari MahmoodMolana Mohammad GoharMolana Mohammad GoharMaulana Abdul HaleemMaulana Abdul HaleemAbdul MaulaAbdul MaulaMoulana Abdur RehmanMoulana Abdur RehmanMohammad JehangerMohammad JehangerMaulana Gul BadshahMaulana Gul BadshahMoulana Abdullah BenowriMoulana Abdullah BenowriQazi FazlullahQazi FazlullahDr. Mujeebur RehmanDr. Mujeebur RehmanDildad Khan WardagDildad Khan WardagGul Nasib KhanGul Nasib KhanMuhammad AminMuhammad AminMaazMaazAbdul Mateen BandhaniAbdul Mateen BandhaniAbdul GhaniAbdul GhaniHafiz Ubedullah PanhwarHafiz Ubedullah PanhwarMir Raja Khan JakhraniMir Raja Khan JakhraniAsghar Ali Khan BijaraniAsghar Ali Khan BijaraniMuhammad Aslam MariMuhammad Aslam MariHaji Rasool Bux KaleriHaji Rasool Bux KaleriAbdul Aleem GangroAbdul Aleem GangroNazimuddinNazimuddinRaza Muhammad MangalRaza Muhammad MangalSyed Ghulam Shabbir ShahSyed Ghulam Shabbir ShahAhsanullahAhsanullahSalahuddin PhulpotoSalahuddin PhulpotoMolvi Abdullah AbassiMolvi Abdullah AbassiMoulana Khadim Hussain SharMoulana Khadim Hussain SharHakeem Abdul Wahid Brohi.Hakeem Abdul Wahid Brohi.Molana Mir Muhammad Hinjrah Of MirakMolana Mir Muhammad Hinjrah Of MirakAbdul Aziz BrohiAbdul Aziz BrohiMoulana Abdul Razaque Abid LakhoMoulana Abdul Razaque Abid LakhoAashique HussainAashique HussainMr. Bhaledino KakaMr. Bhaledino KakaKaramat Ali RajputKaramat Ali RajputNazim Ali ArainNazim Ali ArainSyed Ali Moazam ShahSyed Ali Moazam ShahAsif Raza KhosoAsif Raza KhosoMolvi Abdul Rasheed LundMolvi Abdul Rasheed LundMufti Muhammad Sharif SaeediMufti Muhammad Sharif SaeediSyed Mutabarak Ali ShahSyed Mutabarak Ali ShahAbdul RehmanAbdul RehmanMoulana Sabgatullah BazriMoulana Sabgatullah BazriMuhammad Rafique JamaliMuhammad Rafique JamaliHafiz Muhammad Ameen JamaliHafiz Muhammad Ameen JamaliTariq HussainTariq HussainMuahmmad AzharMuahmmad AzharMolvi Muhammad Saleh Al-hadadMolvi Muhammad Saleh Al-hadadMolvi Mohammad Saleem Atif ChandioMolvi Mohammad Saleem Atif ChandioMuhammad Siddiqui Rathor (Retired)Muhammad Siddiqui Rathor (retired)Umer SadiqueUmer SadiqueHafiz Muhammad NaeemHafiz Muhammad NaeemDR.NASEERUDDIN SAWATIDr.naseeruddin SawatiShaikh Farrukh Hussain AdvocateShaikh Farrukh Hussain AdvocateAbdul BaqiAbdul BaqiJalaluddinJalaluddinMoulana Hafiz Shahjehan KiyaniMoulana Hafiz Shahjehan KiyaniMuhammad Mustaqim Qureshi NooraniMuhammad Mustaqim Qureshi NooraniMehmood Khan AskariMehmood Khan AskariTajuddin SiddiqueTajuddin SiddiqueMuhammad Siddique RathoreMuhammad Siddique RathoreAllama Shafqatur RehmanAllama Shafqatur RehmanMUHAMMAD IMRAN KHANMuhammad Imran KhanMoulana Saif-ur-RehmanMoulana Saif-ur-rehmanJafar Ali SubhaniJafar Ali SubhaniMufti Mahboob-ur-Rehman FarooquiMufti Mahboob-ur-rehman FarooquiMuhammad Haleem Khan GhoriMuhammad Haleem Khan GhoriAbdul Aziz MeoAbdul Aziz MeoAllama Shafat-ur-RehmanAllama Shafat-ur-rehmanMufti Faqeer MuhammadMufti Faqeer MuhammadShaikh Qasim ShahShaikh Qasim ShahAhsanullah Ashraf HazarviAhsanullah Ashraf HazarviMoulana Muhammad GhayasMoulana Muhammad GhayasMuhammad Akram ShahMuhammad Akram ShahMoluvi Noor Muhammad BareechMoluvi Noor Muhammad BareechHaji Abdul SadiqHaji Abdul SadiqMolvi Muhammad Qasim ShaboviMolvi Muhammad Qasim ShaboviMolana Shareef Ullah BangulzaiMolana Shareef Ullah BangulzaiAinullah Shams.Ainullah Shams.M. Abdul Samad Akund ZadaM. Abdul Samad Akund ZadaSyed Matiullah Agha.Syed Matiullah Agha.Abdul Wahid SaddiquiAbdul Wahid SaddiquiMoulana Syed Abdul Bari AghaMoulana Syed Abdul Bari AghaGhuosullahGhuosullahMolvi Fateh MuhammadMolvi Fateh MuhammadHaji Muhammad NawazHaji Muhammad NawazAbdul Qadir Luni.Abdul Qadir Luni.Molvi Amir Zaman BukhariMolvi Amir Zaman BukhariImran Shah AdvocateImran Shah AdvocateAbdul Sattar MondokhailAbdul Sattar MondokhailMolana Abdul WassayMolana Abdul WassayMolvi Attaulah Bangulzai.Molvi Attaulah Bangulzai.Molvi Muhammad EssaMolvi Muhammad EssaMoulvi Karim BakhshMoulvi Karim BakhshAbdul Hakeem MemonAbdul Hakeem MemonMir Hassan SasoliMir Hassan SasoliHafiz Muhammad Siddiq BhangarHafiz Muhammad Siddiq BhangarMohammad IshaqueMohammad IshaqueKhalid MehmoodKhalid MehmoodMolana Abdul Samad BangulzaiMolana Abdul Samad BangulzaiMuhammad RahimMuhammad RahimMolana Faiz MuhammadMolana Faiz MuhammadHussain AhmedHussain AhmedMuhammad AttaullahMuhammad AttaullahMolvi Abdul RehmanMolvi Abdul RehmanMufti Abdul Sattar Afi AnnaMufti Abdul Sattar Afi AnnaMolvi Muhammad AlamMolvi Muhammad AlamMolvi Ghulam Haider NoshkviMolvi Ghulam Haider NoshkviHafiz Abdul KhaliqHafiz Abdul KhaliqEhtisham-ul-HaqEhtisham-ul-haqMoulana Muhammad Umer AdilMoulana Muhammad Umer AdilMuhammad Yaqoob SasoliMuhammad Yaqoob SasoliMuhammad Ismail Pirakzai.Muhammad Ismail Pirakzai.Abdul Majeed KanageiAbdul Majeed KanageiMoulvi Kkhalid Walid SaifiMoulvi Kkhalid Walid SaifiDr. Muhammad Ismail BulediDr. Muhammad Ismail BulediREHMATULLAH TUNSUWANIRehmatullah TunsuwaniAl Haaj Noor Wali KhalilAl Haaj Noor Wali Khalil