Tribal Elder Demands Reforms Package For FATA


Tribal elder demands reforms package for FATA

BAJAUR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 13th August, 2016) : The people of Bajaur Agency demanded Federal government to announce reforms package for FATA on the occasion of country's independency day so they could celebrate Independence Day with true pump and show. Talking to reporter, people all walks of life including workers of various political and religious parties, anti FCR campaigners and right activists have expressed the hope the government would definitely announce the reforms package in the Tribal Areas on August 14 in the wake of country independency day. PML(N) local chapter president Haji Rahat Yousaf, JI FATA chief Sahib Zada Haroon Rasheed, PTI leader Gul Zafar Khan, ANP president Malik Attaullah Khan, renowned anti FCR campaigner Sheikh Jan Zada, senior human right activist and member Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Habibul Hassan Yad, Insaf Student Federation president Asadullah Khan Khilji, and Qaumi Watan Party local chapter President Dr Nawab Zada Shahid told that they were 100 percent sure that the government would announce reforms packages in Fata on the occasion of independence day.

We are hopeful that the prime minister of Pakistan will definitely announce the reforms package for FATA said local MNA Shahabuddin Khan. The political and social activists said that they were expecting of the government to announce reforms package for the tribal areas on August 14 so they could celebrate country independence day with truly great pump and show. They claimed that it would boost the credibility of federal government among the people of tribal areas if the prime minister would announce the reforms package on August 14. All the people of tribal areas are expecting from the government to announce reforms package for Fata on country's Independence Day and it would be a historic day for the tribal people, they added.