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Youm-e-Ali 2024 - Date of Yawm e Ali 1446 Hijri in Honduras

Youm-e-Ali is observed on 13 Rajab each year. Hazrat Ali (RA) was born on that day. Youm e Ali 2024 is on 25 January 2024 in Honduras. You can know the complete details about Youm e Ali celebrations, history, significance, etc., at UrduPoint.

Youm e Ali 2024 in Honduras

Youm-e-Ali is a Muslim celebration that marks the birth of Hazrat Ali (RA). This festival is celebrated worldwide with religious enthusiasm by Muslim communities in remembrance of the bravery, leadership, and wisdom of Hazrat Ali (RA). Youm e Ali means the 'Day of Ali' and is most notably celebrated by Shia Muslims. The birth of Hazrat Ali (RA) is celebrated every year on 13 Rajab according to the Hijri Calendar. This year, Yawm-e-Ali is celebrated on 25 January 2024 in Honduras.

The month of Rajab 1446 Hijri commences on 29 December 2024, and the 13 Rajab 1446 Hijri, Youm-e-Ali falls on 25 January 2024.

This page tells you the exact date of the Youm-e-Ali 2024 in Honduras and the rest of the world. You can also find the dates for Islamic Events by clicking on the desired event below or visiting the Islamic Events Main Page at UrduPoint.

What is the meaning of Yawm e Ali?

Youm-e-Ali, the Day of Ali, is the birthday of Hazrat Ali (RA) which falls on 13 Rajab in the Hijri Calendar.

What is the date of birth of Hazrat Ali 2024?

The date of birth of Hazrat Ali in Year falls on 25 January 2024 in Honduras.

How was Hazrat Ali born?

Hazrat Ali was born in Kaba that's why the day is also celebrated as Jashn e Mawlud e Kaba.