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Listen Farhan Ali Qadri MP3 Naats Online or Download Audio for Free

Listen to Farhan Ali Qadri audio Naats at UrduPoint. Here you will find a vast collection of Farhan Ali Qadri MP3 Naats. Listen to any of the Farhan Ali Qadri Naats MP3 below or download Farhan Ali Qadri Naats on your phone. Listen to the best Naat collection by Farhan Ali Qadri in MP3 format and enlighten your heart with the love of Islam and Prophet Muhammad SAW.
Listen Farhan Ali Qadri MP3 Naats Online Or Download Audio For Free
Records 1 To 18 (Total 130 Records)

Farhan Ali Qadri is a young and famous Naat Khawan. He is 25 years old and has a passion for reciting Naats in all local languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, and  Saraiki. He also recites Naats in foreign languages like English and Bengali. 

Farhan Ali Qadri was born on 1st October 1995 in Jacobabad, Pakistan, to a Balochi family. The name of his father is Fazal Muhammad. Farhan began reciting Naats at the age of five by being a part of Milaad in school. He started getting fame and recognition after reciting the nasheed “ Noor Wala Aya Hai”.

You can listen to Farhan Ali Qadri Naat collection at UrduPoint. Here you will find a vast collection of Farhan Ali Qadri Naats in audio. Download and listen to Farhan Ali Qadri MP3 Naats and enlighten your hearts with the love of Prophet Muhammad SAW. 


Farhan Ali Qadri became famous as the youngest child prodigy. His Naat recitals showed his love and affection towards Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and the Almighty Allah. He has a unique and melodic style. He can perform for hours with this powerful voice at high intensity. Farhan Ali Qadri is considered to be one of the best Naat Khawan in Pakistan. He has traveled to Pakistan and other countries like Kuwait, Saudia Arabia, and Mauritius to perform his Naat recitals.

Farhan Ali Qadri has also released many albums and has performed live on my local TV channels. He has several awards at the national, regional, and provincial levels. When he was in school, he was always appreciated for his talent and participated in Milaad and other events to showcase his beautiful voice. People still enjoyed and thanked him for the performance, which was a great motivation for him. 

Farhan Ali Qadri released several albums and performed live on various Pakistani television channels. He usually performs 3-6 live transmissions every week. 

Famous Naats

Farhan Ali Qadri has a vast and wonderful collection of melodious Naats. Some of his famous Naats are:

  • Allah Allah Dil Kehta 
  • Allah Ho Akbar
  • Aa Gaye Sarkar (SAW)
  • Allah Hi Janta Hai
  • Aankhon Mein Bas Gaye Hai Madinah
  • Aaqa Aaqa Bol
  • Aagaye Aagaye Mustafa

He released his first album in 2006. When he reached the age of almost 12, he had released four albums. These albums revolved around the love and true meaning of affection towards the religion. His albums reached the hearts of many people and have inspired people worldwide. He remains busy throughout the year, especially in Ramadan and on Rabbi-ul Awal.

Famous Naat Albums

The name of some of Farhan Ali Qadri's famous albums are as follows:

  • Shah-e-Madina
  • Noor Wala Aya 
  • Aamna Ka Lal Aya
  • Muhammad Ka Roza
  • Ye Nabi Karam
  • Milaad Ka Chaand


To conclude, Farhan Ali Qadri is a young Naat Khawan who has inspired many people through his melodious voice. He has gained a lot of popularity ever since he started reciting Naats in school. He has traveled to Pakistan and other foreign countries to perform his Naats. You can listen to the Farhan Ali Qadri MP3 Naat collection online at UrduPoint or download your favorite Farhan Ali Qadri MP3 Naats on your devices.

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