Islamic Date Today in Saudi Arabia 2019 - Current Muslim Islamic Hijri Date

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24 Safar 1441

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What is today islamic date in Saudi Arabia - Today’s Islamic Date in Saudi Arabia in Islamic Hijri calendar. Islamic months are different than the Gregorian or English months, here you can find the accurate current dates of Hijri year 1441 and Gregorian year 2019. You can also see which islamic month today.

The muslim Islamic Calendar has 12 months, however the days are less than the Gregorian calendar. Hijri year has 354 to 355 days, and Gregorian days are 355 to 366. The Islamic year starts with Muharram, and Gregorian starts with January. The Islamic months are Muharram, Safar, Rabi al-awwal, Rabi al-thani, Jumada al-awwal, Jumada al-thani, Rajab, Shaban, Ramadan, Shawwal, Dhul Qadah & Dhul Hijja. You can find which day it is in Saudi Arabia and in all cities of Saudi Arabia.

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