Sometimes When We Cry,No One See R Tears, ;-( Wen We R Woried No One See R Pain, :-( Wen We R Happy No One See R Smile, :-D Aur Js Din Result Ata Hy Tou P0ra Khandaan Phone Kr K Puchta Hy Kaisa Rha Result.

Sometimes When We Cry,No One see r tears, ;-( Wen we r woried No One see r pain, :-( Wen We r happy No One see r smile, :-D Aur js din result ata hy tou P0ra khandaan phone kr k puchta hy kaisa rha result.
_/ \_ Dekh yr tbi gusa ata hy:

Send Mobile short message Sometimes When We Cry,No One See R Tears, ;-( Wen We R Woried No One See R Pain, :-( Wen We R Happy No One See R Smile, :-D Aur Js Din Result Ata Hy Tou P0ra Khandaan Phone Kr K Puchta Hy Kaisa Rha Result. from the Funny collection of SMS and text messages. Simply copy this message and send via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Status, Tweet, Instagram or any other social platform you like. There is a huge collection of Funny messages available on our website, which you can send to your family & friends. Simply browse through our collection and enjoy the quotes, wishes and greetings written in short messages for mobiles & social media usage.

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ArZ KiYa Hai:

ArZ KiYa Hai:MoHaBBat KeRaSte MeHaR WaQtDaRd MiLeGa..- .-.-.Me SocH RaHa Hun is RaSte PeEk HoSPiTaL KhoL Lun,,KhuB CHaLeGa... ;-p

The Best Part About Summer Is You Can Cancel All Plans Just By Saying,

The best part about summer is you can cancel all plans just by saying,"Bahut Garmi Hai, Yaar!"

Laalu Caught Crossing A 'Red Signal',

Laalu caught crossing a 'Red signal', says he was just boycotting the 'lal-batti' culture....

Kaun Banega Crorepati Laaya DP(Display Photo) Contest 1 Din

Kaun Banega Crorepati laaya DP(Display Photo) Contest 1 din mein sabase zyaada Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pr "DP" Change karane ..

Gangster’s Son

What did the gangster’s son tell his dad when he failed his examination? “Dad, they questioned me for 3 hours, but I never told them anything ..

Dis Msg Is

Dis Msg Is Strictly 4 CUTE N CHARMING Ppl Only . . Since U Accidentally Receive It , We Deeply Apologize 4 ..

The Human Brain Is Most Outstanding Thing.......

The human brain is most outstanding thing....... it functions 24hrs 365 days..... it functions right from the time u r Born....until you fall ..

Hamari Light To Ab Is Tarha Se Aati Hy FArAz

Hamari Light To Ab Is Tarha Se Aati Hy fArAzJaisey Shadi K Bad Beti Bap K Ghar Aati Hy(acha abbu mai chalti hon, subha unhen kaam pe bhi jana hy)

Signal Per Car Ruki To Ek Faqeer Mangny Aa Gaya..

Signal per Car ruki to Ek Faqeer mangny aa gaya..Car me bethi hui Aurat boli: Tumhari Shakal kuch jani Pehchani lagti hai.Faqeer bola: "Madam, We ..

Allah Ny Tumhen Is Liye Paida Kiya K

Allah Ny Tumhen Is Liye Paida Kiya KTum Uski Ebadat Kero..Namaz Parho,,Rozay Rakho..Quran Parho..Uska Zikr Kero..Deeni Kitaben Parho...Per Tum,,,,,SMS ..

Mujhe Raat Bhar Yeh Baat Sone Nahi Deti Faraz

Mujhe Raat bhar yeh baat sone Nahi deti Farazke Zindagi 4 din ki hai to TEST MATCH 5 din key kio :p

Things Men Do That Upset Women:

Things men do that upset women:1. Lie2. Not talk3. Be honest4. Talk too much5. Not show emotions6. Be too emotional7. Breathe!

Computerized Mohabbat..

Computerized Mohabbat.. Kal Jab Mily Thy To Dil Me Hua Ek Sound, Aaj Mily To Kehty Ho Your File Not Found... Jo Muddat Se Hota Aya Hai Wo Repeat Ker Dunga, ..

World's Most Dangerous Weapons,even Deadlier Than The Nuclear Bomb:

World's most dangerous weapons,even deadlier than the Nuclear Bomb:1. Biwi Ke Aansu!2. Ami Ki Chappal


Son: Dad, what is an idiot?

Ultra Height Of Laziness

Ultra Height Of LazinessIs” Sleeping And Dreaming. . .And In Dream, Also SleepingAnd Dreaming AboutSleeping . . :-D :-D

Ek Aurat Apni Parosan Ko Bata Rahi Thi K

Ek Aurat Apni Parosan ko bata rahi thi kDoctor ny Mujhy Khana Pakany se mana kiya hai..Parosan : Wo Q? Kiya Tum Beemar ho??Aurat : Me nahi, Mere Shoher ..

The Height Of Hope

Whats the height of hope? It is: sitting in the exam hall, holding the question paper in hand, and telling your self, “don’t worry. Exams will ..

Do U Want To Hear A Dirty Joke?

Do u want to hear a dirty joke? . . . Are you sure? . . . Ok, here you go… . . . A white horse fell in the mud

Wen A Girl Cancels A Date, It's Because "she Has Some Genuine Cause",

Wen a girl cancels a date, it's because "she has some genuine cause", but when a boy cancels a date, it's because "he has two". ..