All Pakistan Muslim League - APML

All Pakistan Muslim League - APML

All Pakistan Muslim League is a registered political party in Pakistan with Election Commision of Pakistan (ECP). The abbreviation of the party is (APML) and allotted election symbol is Eagle. Below is the list of all party members including the chairman, president, vice president, secretary etc. A complete profile of every party candidate is also given, which has the past elections records, number of votes, winning status and overall percentage of votes received. The profile also includes the contact details of all party members.

All Pakistan Muslim League

All Pakistan Muslim League Leadership

All Pakistan Muslim League Candidates

Mian Nadeem Ahmed SaleemiMian Nadeem Ahmed SaleemiAlhajj Mian Sajjad AhmadAlhajj Mian Sajjad AhmadMehr Muhammad Ijaz HarajMehr Muhammad Ijaz HarajMalik Muhammad ShoaibMalik Muhammad ShoaibHabib Ahmad AnsariHabib Ahmad AnsariSyed Naveed AzizSyed Naveed AzizNadir KhanNadir KhanSyed Zakir ShahSyed Zakir ShahYar BadshahYar BadshahSyed Naveed Ali ShahSyed Naveed Ali ShahKhalid IbrarKhalid IbrarMalik Nisar Ahmad ThindMalik Nisar Ahmad ThindHizbullahHizbullahSarmir KhanSarmir KhanMuhammad ZebMuhammad ZebShafiur RahmanShafiur RahmanSaqlain Abbas BangashSaqlain Abbas BangashMUHAMMAD NISAR BUTTMuhammad Nisar ButtMalik Azhar MehmoodMalik Azhar MehmoodNASAR ULLAH KHAN JARRALNasar Ullah Khan JarralWaheed AhmadWaheed AhmadRAJA AMIR RASHEEDRaja Amir RasheedTayyaba ZameerTayyaba ZameerAlhaj Malik Zaffar Iqbal AwanAlhaj Malik Zaffar Iqbal AwanHaji Rashid Ahmed Khan RanaHaji Rashid Ahmed Khan RanaCHOUDHRY GULZAR HUSSAIN GOHAR ADVOCATEChoudhry Gulzar Hussain Gohar AdvocateCh Ghulam DastageerCh Ghulam DastageerMASHOOD AHSAN GILLMashood Ahsan GillMalik Muhammad Siddique AdvocateMalik Muhammad Siddique AdvocateISRAR AHMAD CHISHTI ADVOCATEIsrar Ahmad Chishti AdvocateSyed Ali Abbas KazmiSyed Ali Abbas KazmiMuhammad Khaliq SiddiqueMuhammad Khaliq SiddiqueRANA ARSHAD SAEED KHANRana Arshad Saeed KhanMuhammad NaseerMuhammad NaseerSyed Mukhtar Hussain ShahSyed Mukhtar Hussain ShahMUHAMMAD SHARIF NOORIMuhammad Sharif NooriMirza Bilal BaigMirza Bilal BaigAkhtar Nawaz Faisal DaryanaAkhtar Nawaz Faisal DaryanaBabar AliBabar AliMalik Hamid MehmoodMalik Hamid MehmoodSaira Goga Daughter Of Goga PehalwanSaira Goga Daughter Of Goga PehalwanAshar JahangirAshar JahangirSyed Imran SultanSyed Imran SultanMalik Muhammad Iqbal JoraMalik Muhammad Iqbal JoraARSHAD ALIArshad AliMALIK FAKHAR IQBAL WATTOOMalik Fakhar Iqbal WattooSyed Sajjad Hussain Shah KazmiSyed Sajjad Hussain Shah KazmiQASIM ALIQasim AliMAKHDEEM SYED ZAHID HUSSAINMakhdeem Syed Zahid HussainRiaz AhmadRiaz AhmadMakhodzada Syed Hasan Raza GilliniMakhodzada Syed Hasan Raza GilliniCHAUDHARY TANVEER AHMED ADVOCATEChaudhary Tanveer Ahmed AdvocateSaradar Sikandar Hayat Khan GoopangSaradar Sikandar Hayat Khan GoopangMalik Zia Ul Haque TiwanaMalik Zia Ul Haque TiwanaMuhammad Jaffar Khan TareemMuhammad Jaffar Khan TareemQAISER NAWAZ KHAN BABARQaiser Nawaz Khan BabarAsghar AbbasAsghar AbbasRiaz Hussain SewagRiaz Hussain SewagGhulam Qadir BajwaGhulam Qadir BajwaDilshad RindDilshad RindMUSHTAQ AHMED KHAN MUGHALMushtaq Ahmed Khan MughalMohammad Sharif RindMohammad Sharif RindAbdul MajeedAbdul MajeedWaheed DepalWaheed DepalMuhammad Ghufran RajputMuhammad Ghufran RajputParas ShahParas ShahJAWAID AHMED KHANJawaid Ahmed KhanMohammed Bux Lashari BalochMohammed Bux Lashari BalochAmoon PashaAmoon PashaMuhammad Asim IshtiaqMuhammad Asim IshtiaqSyed Adnan Haider JafriSyed Adnan Haider JafriMalik Shamriz AwanMalik Shamriz AwanShaheen MunawerShaheen MunawerSyed Marghoob Hussain AbdiSyed Marghoob Hussain AbdiFarid Ullah BazaiFarid Ullah BazaiMUHAMMAD MUNEEB SATTIMuhammad Muneeb SattiWASEEM AKTHAR RAJAWaseem Akthar RajaRAJA SAGHIR AHMEDRaja Saghir AhmedMuhammad JahangirMuhammad JahangirSHAHNAZ BEGUM RAJAShahnaz Begum RajaMuhammad Aamir HashmiMuhammad Aamir HashmiFAKHRA ZAINAB ZAIDIFakhra Zainab ZaidiMUHAMMAD FAROOQ BHATIMuhammad Farooq BhatiMasood IqbalMasood IqbalRaja Imran SiddiqueRaja Imran SiddiqueMUHAMMAD AZIZMuhammad AzizMuhammad AnayatMuhammad AnayatMuhammad Naeem Akhta Arain Almarof NaeemMuhammad Naeem Akhta Arain Almarof NaeemShoukat Maqbool GorayaShoukat Maqbool GorayaMalik Muhammad Asghar AwanMalik Muhammad Asghar AwanRANA QAMAR UZ ZAMAN CHANDRana Qamar Uz Zaman ChandSYED GHULAM HASNAIN SHAHSyed Ghulam Hasnain ShahMalik Munir Ahmad AwanMalik Munir Ahmad AwanMuhammad Ashraf Alias Ashiq JuttMuhammad Ashraf Alias Ashiq JuttRAI MUNEER AHMED KHAN KHARAL ADVOCATERai Muneer Ahmed Khan Kharal AdvocateCHOUDHRY AMJAD ALI AHARChoudhry Amjad Ali AharABID HUSSAIN QADRIAbid Hussain QadriRai Imran Haider Khan KharalRai Imran Haider Khan KharalZaheer Abbas GhoriZaheer Abbas GhoriMUDASSAR NAZAR BUTTMudassar Nazar ButtABDUL RAUFAbdul RaufMIAN MUHAMMAD AFZAAL JALLAMian Muhammad Afzaal JallaRana Khurram YasinRana Khurram YasinMALIK GHULAM YASEEN TABASUM ADVOCATEMalik Ghulam Yaseen Tabasum AdvocatePeer Mushtaq AhmadPeer Mushtaq AhmadMalik Mazhar HussainMalik Mazhar HussainMEHR MUHAMMAD NAVEED ZAFAR BHARWANA ADVOCATEMehr Muhammad Naveed Zafar Bharwana AdvocateMuhammad RafiqueMuhammad RafiqueRai Touheed Ahmad KhanRai Touheed Ahmad KhanAbdul RazzaqAbdul RazzaqSyed Ihasar Hussain ShahSyed Ihasar Hussain ShahSyed Israr HaiderSyed Israr HaiderMuzafar HussainMuzafar HussainImran Sarwar BhattiImran Sarwar BhattiSYED MUDDASAR ABBASSyed Muddasar AbbasRaja Gulraiz AkhterRaja Gulraiz AkhterMuhammad Ashraf GondalMuhammad Ashraf GondalMUHAMMAD ASLAM RAIKAMuhammad Aslam RaikaIjaz Ahmad GondalIjaz Ahmad GondalSyed Moajam AliSyed Moajam AliChaudhary Muhammad Anwar AzizChaudhary Muhammad Anwar AzizFahad MehmoodFahad MehmoodMuhammad Babar NazeerMuhammad Babar NazeerAmmat Ali GhalibAmmat Ali GhalibMIRZA FAISAL BAIGMirza Faisal BaigGHAZALA REHMAN RAIGhazala Rehman RaiMuhammad Zulfiqar KhanMuhammad Zulfiqar KhanAmir Nazeer RajputAmir Nazeer RajputMuhammad ArshadMuhammad ArshadEngineer Rai Shahbaz SiddiqueEngineer Rai Shahbaz SiddiqueYasoob Raja BhattiYasoob Raja BhattiMUHAMMAD IRSHADMuhammad IrshadMaryam AshrafMaryam AshrafSAITH ABDUL KHALIQSaith Abdul KhaliqAkhtar AliAkhtar AliAli Mumtaz DhudiAli Mumtaz DhudiSARFARAZ AHMEDSarfaraz AhmedRASHEED AHMAD SHAHIDRasheed Ahmad ShahidMUHAMMAD SHAREEFMuhammad ShareefMUHAMMAD AMEENMuhammad AmeenSyed Ikram Hussain BhukhariSyed Ikram Hussain BhukhariRAI FAISAL ABBASRai Faisal AbbasMuhammad Kamran Khan LodhiMuhammad Kamran Khan LodhiAnees Ur Rehman Maqsood HussaniAnees Ur Rehman Maqsood HussaniMuhammad Ishaq BhattiMuhammad Ishaq BhattiSami Ullah MujahidSami Ullah MujahidMuhammad Asif ShahzadMuhammad Asif ShahzadWaheed Ahmad KamalWaheed Ahmad KamalSajjad HussainSajjad HussainNADEEM MUGHALNadeem MughalNasir NazirNasir NazirZAFAR IQBALZafar IqbalMALIK MUHAMMAD ASLAM DHAKOOMalik Muhammad Aslam DhakooMehr Muhammad Hanif Rajput Kathia PunwarMehr Muhammad Hanif Rajput Kathia PunwarCHOUDHARY TAHIR ABBAS DHILOONChoudhary Tahir Abbas DhiloonMUHAMMAD RAMZAN S/O MUHAMMAD YARMuhammad Ramzan S/o Muhammad YarCh Muhammad Yousaf JuttCh Muhammad Yousaf JuttMUHAMMAD RAHEEL AJMAL LEGHARIMuhammad Raheel Ajmal LeghariAbdul Razzaq ShahidAbdul Razzaq ShahidMuhammad Ahmad JaskaniMuhammad Ahmad JaskaniMuhammad Ismail JafarMuhammad Ismail JafarSikandar Hayat Khan GoopangSikandar Hayat Khan GoopangGhulam HaidarGhulam HaidarMuhammad Zaffar AliMuhammad Zaffar AliShafeeq Ur RehmanShafeeq Ur RehmanRashid NaseemRashid NaseemSardar Asghar AbbasSardar Asghar AbbasMuhammad Anwar ThindMuhammad Anwar ThindMuhammad Shakeel QureshiMuhammad Shakeel QureshiSyed Yousaf AliSyed Yousaf AliFarrukh Manzoor CheemaFarrukh Manzoor CheemaAbdul AzizAbdul AzizCHAUDHARY IFTIKHAR ALIChaudhary Iftikhar AliMIR ALAM KHANMir Alam KhanHamayun KhanHamayun KhanAurangzeb MohmndAurangzeb MohmndLiaqat AliLiaqat AliZakir ShahZakir ShahJaved KhanJaved KhanDoctor Syed Sajjad HaidarDoctor Syed Sajjad HaidarJamil AhmadJamil AhmadSyed Rahat Ali ShahSyed Rahat Ali ShahSardarullahSardarullahBasharat AliBasharat AliFayaz HussainFayaz HussainShagufta BegumShagufta BegumSaid Muhammad JafarSaid Muhammad JafarMst Syeda Gulnaz ShahMst Syeda Gulnaz ShahAqiq Ur RehmanAqiq Ur RehmanMaolana Abdul WarisMaolana Abdul WarisMujeeb Ur Rahman Khan GandapurMujeeb Ur Rahman Khan GandapurRehmat UllahRehmat UllahMalik Rehman Ullah KhanMalik Rehman Ullah KhanKhalid ParvaizKhalid ParvaizAkhunzada Hidayat KhanAkhunzada Hidayat KhanHabibullahHabibullahZulfiqar Ali RindZulfiqar Ali RindDarya KhanDarya KhanNazir Hussain SoomroNazir Hussain SoomroRana MursleenRana MursleenAbdul Rehman KhanzadaAbdul Rehman KhanzadaShahana MurtazaShahana MurtazaShoaib KhaskheliShoaib KhaskheliMunwar Ali AbroMunwar Ali AbroInam Rehman Abro (Retired)Inam Rehman Abro (retired)Manzoor Ahmed GorarManzoor Ahmed GorarMuhammad Raza Alisa Raza HussainMuhammad Raza Alisa Raza HussainAbdul Salam ShaikhAbdul Salam ShaikhMazhar AliMazhar AliShahnaz NaeemShahnaz NaeemGhulam MohammadGhulam MohammadImdad AliImdad AliAhmed AliAhmed AliGulam Ali KhaskheliGulam Ali KhaskheliSARDAR GHULAM MUSTAFFASardar Ghulam MustaffaGhulam Murtaza KhaskheliGhulam Murtaza KhaskheliBabar KhanBabar KhanGHULAM MURTAZAGhulam MurtazaAli Bux SolangiAli Bux SolangiAbdul Aziz QambraniAbdul Aziz QambraniMuhammad SultanMuhammad SultanMuhammad Bux LashariMuhammad Bux LashariShahid QurashiShahid QurashiAbdul Shakoor WaheedAbdul Shakoor WaheedSamiul Bari KhanSamiul Bari KhanMuhammad Nasir AzeemMuhammad Nasir AzeemMST PARVEENMst ParveenSyed Mehdi Hassan ZaidiSyed Mehdi Hassan ZaidiMuhammad Ali Khan SherwaniMuhammad Ali Khan SherwaniNadir Ali KhanNadir Ali KhanNajma MeenaiNajma MeenaiMuhammad Arif HassanMuhammad Arif HassanMuslim BhuttoMuslim BhuttoSyed Farhan AhmedSyed Farhan AhmedSyed Suleman Ali AhmedSyed Suleman Ali AhmedGHULAM MUSTAFAGhulam MustafaZaheer Hassan JaffariZaheer Hassan JaffariRobina YasmeenRobina YasmeenAdnan KhanAdnan KhanMuhammad Akbar KhanMuhammad Akbar KhanImamuddin ShaikhImamuddin ShaikhAkhtar RoheelaAkhtar RoheelaMusa KhanMusa KhanSardar Daro Khan KhiljiSardar Daro Khan KhiljiFazal Ur Rehman AchakzaiFazal Ur Rehman AchakzaiZahoor ShahZahoor ShahRozi KhanRozi Khan