Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party - PMAP

Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party - PMAP

Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party is a registered political party in Pakistan with Election Commision of Pakistan (ECP). The abbreviation of the party is (PMAP) and allotted election symbol is TREE. Below is the list of all party members including the chairman, president, vice president, secretary etc. A complete profile of every party candidate is also given, which has the past elections records, number of votes, winning status and overall percentage of votes received. The profile also includes the contact details of all party members.

Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party

Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party Leadership

Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party Candidates

Ghulam Jillani KhanGhulam Jillani KhanYaar Muhammad MasoodYaar Muhammad MasoodSher Wali Khan WazeerSher Wali Khan WazeerMuhammad Abid Ali KhanMuhammad Abid Ali KhanSyed Ghafoor Jan AghaSyed Ghafoor Jan AghaSaddu KhanSaddu KhanMuhammad Hashim KhanMuhammad Hashim KhanMuhammad Sikandar KhanMuhammad Sikandar KhanBacha Gul KhanBacha Gul KhanBACHA GULBacha GulBacha Dil KhanBacha Dil KhanAyoub KhanAyoub KhanZaheer Ud DinZaheer Ud DinSaeed AkbarSaeed AkbarSAIFUDDINSaifuddinMuslim KhanMuslim KhanHameed KhanHameed KhanSartajSartajMuhammad AkhtarMuhammad AkhtarSaid KarimSaid KarimKhalid MehmoodKhalid MehmoodAbdullah Khan MarwatAbdullah Khan MarwatHabib Ullah KhanHabib Ullah KhanAbdul Qahar WadanAbdul Qahar WadanMuhammad AliMuhammad AliInyatullah ZarkoonInyatullah ZarkoonAbdul Raheem Ziaratwal AdvocateAbdul Raheem Ziaratwal AdvocateMohammad Usman Khan KakarMohammad Usman Khan KakarAbdul Qayum AdvocateAbdul Qayum AdvocateSultan MuhammedSultan MuhammedAbdullah JanAbdullah JanObaidullah Jan Alias BabatObaidullah Jan Alias BabatSardar Muhammad Azam KhanSardar Muhammad Azam KhanSardar Mohammad Shafiq TareenSardar Mohammad Shafiq TareenAbdul Majeed Khan AchakzaiAbdul Majeed Khan AchakzaiMalik Shaukat UllahMalik Shaukat UllahDr Hamid Khan AchakzaiDr Hamid Khan AchakzaiSardar Ghulam Mutafa Khan TareenSardar Ghulam Mutafa Khan TareenSalauddinSalauddinAgha Syed Liaqat AliAgha Syed Liaqat AliSardar Habib Ur Rehman DumarSardar Habib Ur Rehman DumarManzoor Ahmed Khan KakarManzoor Ahmed Khan KakarNasrullah Khan ZarayNasrullah Khan ZarayRaza Muhammad BarrechRaza Muhammad BarrechNawab Muhammad Ayaz Khan JogzaiNawab Muhammad Ayaz Khan JogzaiSyed Muhammad AliSyed Muhammad AliKHURSHID ALIKhurshid AliNoor Ullah TareenNoor Ullah TareenHaji Muhammad BarkiHaji Muhammad BarkiZia Watan DostZia Watan DostMohammad UsmanMohammad UsmanJan Dad KhanJan Dad KhanZameen Dad ShahZameen Dad ShahBURHAN UL DINBurhan Ul DinSaleem Khan KakarSaleem Khan KakarMALIK KHALIQ DADMalik Khaliq DadMuhammad AsgharMuhammad AsgharMuhammad MukhtiarMuhammad MukhtiarSyed Muhammad Yousuf AghaSyed Muhammad Yousuf AghaABDULLAH KHANAbdullah KhanMain Asmatullah ShahMain Asmatullah ShahRafi UllahRafi UllahMohammad Nawaz KhanMohammad Nawaz KhanMuhammad Usman KhanMuhammad Usman KhanMurad AliMurad AliJehangir KhanJehangir KhanSyed Abid Ameen ShahSyed Abid Ameen ShahAbdul Qadir Khan WadanAbdul Qadir Khan WadanDr. Abdullah KhanDr. Abdullah KhanArbab Mujeeb Ur RehmanArbab Mujeeb Ur RehmanAkhtar AliAkhtar AliAmin Azam KhanAmin Azam KhanSyed MehmoodSyed MehmoodFazal Raheem AsifFazal Raheem AsifHamayun KhanHamayun KhanKhair MuhammadKhair MuhammadEsa KhanEsa KhanSyed Yasir AliSyed Yasir AliInamullah KhanInamullah KhanAhmad ShahAhmad ShahAbdul ZahirAbdul ZahirMuhammad MominMuhammad MominMuhammad Mobeen KhanMuhammad Mobeen KhanMirza KhanMirza KhanMULTAN KHANMultan KhanMuhammad Bakhsh MengalMuhammad Bakhsh MengalAhmed Jan KhanAhmed Jan KhanRaza Mohammad RazaRaza Mohammad RazaAkhtar Shah KudezaiAkhtar Shah KudezaiMuhammad Essa RoshanMuhammad Essa RoshanAbdul Razzaq AchakzaiAbdul Razzaq Achakzai