Prize Bond Rs. 40000 - Results and, Draw Results, Schedule Dates and News

Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Draw and Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Results. Check the Schedule of Rs. 40000 Prize bond also read latest updates and news about National Savings Rs. 40000 Prize Bond. You can search winning numbers below, or click on the Rs. 40000 Draw result by date below. The schedule of coming draws is given on this page.

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By: Sada on 25-02-2023

Kya premium prize bond city per depond hai ya city per depond nahi matlab Peshawar ka Multan mai Nikal sakta hai plz reply karai

By: Shah Abdullah on 05-12-2022

Kya premium prize bond city per depond hai ya city per depond nahi matlab Peshawar ka Multan mai Nikal sakta hai plz reply karai

By: Shah Abdullah on 05-12-2022

3 date ko kaha per hai

By: Haji M on 19-09-2022

Premier bond new issues kb check kry

By: Mrs Asif on 23-09-2021

40000 k total bonds kitny hoty hain?

By: Mursaleen on 12-09-2021


By: FAZAL UR RAHMAN ABBASI on 19-08-2021

Cash me my bond

By: Maqbool on 23-05-2021

Fillor and nonfilor Ka kiya Matlab hai

By: Umaid Shah on 21-05-2021

Puraney bonds kis website sey check kersakta hon

By: Majid on 07-02-2021

750 wala 3rd prize laga he 15-4-2020 9300

By: Kaleem on 29-07-2020

40000 waly prize bond ki malomat kisi ko hai to bata dein

By: Malik Rashid on 15-06-2020

Meet pass 40000 ka bond he Kya wo ab cash hi sakta he?

By: Riazuddin on 05-06-2020

Anni diyo pehly maloomat lawo fair bond khareedo.

By: Saif on 05-06-2020

40000,k purany bond ki wapcibpy cash Mily gi k na

By: Akrm on 17-05-2020

Dear ab Jo pehle normal 40000 wala bond ta ab wo cash nahi ho ga kya ye pramium wala kya system hai.

By: Gwadar on 24-03-2020

40,000 ka bond kis date taq withdrawal krwa skty han ?

By: Mehjabeen on 22-03-2020

40,000 ka prize bond band ho gia Hai ab sirf 40,000 premium bond chal raha Hai

By: Ghazanfar on 06-03-2020

plz mje ye batay k jo inaam lga ho wo mil jaye ga 40000 june 2019 ko lga cash mil jaye ga plz koi b btaye mje????? 0305-6084311 contact

By: Javed on 03-03-2020

40000 waly prize bond ki first number or second ke 2 numbers Govt ke apny hoty hain baki 2 numbers and 3rd awam ko khush krny ke liyeh

By: Saqib on 23-01-2020

Kia ye prize bonds ki quranandazi merit per hoti hai?

By: Abdul Sattar on 16-10-2019

Bhai 40,000 ka 02 September ka draw result kahan se mily ga?

By: Hassan on 17-09-2019

Hello , 2 September or 10 September ka 40000 result Q nhe show horaha

By: Haris Ahmad on 12-09-2019

40000 walay bond ki sep 2019 ka draw hua he ya nahi

By: M.yousuf on 06-09-2019


By: NASIR on 05-09-2019

what is the mean of premium draw of 40000 on 10 September 2019

By: Ruksana on 05-09-2019

what is the mean of premium draw of 40000 ?

By: Rukhsana on 05-09-2019

40000 k normal bond band hogahy unka koi draw nhi hoga ab

By: Osra on 03-09-2019

plz koi btye ga 2 date ko multn m drw hoga k ni? m ne karachi state bnk cll kr k pata kya h who khte hn ni hoga plz koi paka btye yaha show ho rha h hoga

By: Hamza Ali on 28-08-2019

40000 Rs. 79 02 September 2019 Multan will held on 02-09-2019

By: Maqbool on 27-08-2019


Rs. 40000 Prize Bond

A prize bond is a lottery bond. It is not a way of earning interest. People get the prices on regular draws. Prize bonds are issued on behalf of the Government of Pakistan. Every year, many people win the prize money in the bond through this bonding system.

It is a golden investment for poor, middle-class people. Because they can invest according to their saving or investment limits, and then they can get the reward in the form of a prize of that prize bond.

Prize bonds are present in different denominations. If someone wins the prize bond, he must have to pay tax on the prize bond winning amount. There are two types of people who are prize bondholders. One is a filer, and one is a non-filer. The filer prize bondholders have to pay a 15% tax on the prize money, and nonfiler holders have to pay 25% of the prize money as a tax.

Bonds are 100% safe. If anyone wants the more chances of winning, they should buy the prize bonds in serials instead of random numbers. Prize bonds do not expire ever. You can hold them until you want to.

There are many bonds. Like, 100, 200, and so on. But here we are going to discuss the prize bond of Rs. 40000.

This bond is not the most common because it worths high. If someone doesn't get the chance to win the prize bond, he will not lose his 40000, but the amount will be of no profit too. So fewer people take an interest in bonds of 40000.

There are two types of prize bonds of 40000. One is a simple prize bond of 40000, and the other one is the Premium 40000 bond. The premium 40000 prize bond worths the more amount of prize, whereas the simple prize bond of 40000 worth a lesser amount of money than premium ones.

The prize bond scheme was started in 1960. The Government of Pakistan started it. This scheme was about the earning of money from the public at cheaper rates. Prize bonds can be purchased from the State Bank of Pakistan. If someone wants to purchase the bond, he needs to fill the form and submit it to the State Bank.

The prize bond is valid until the scheme is valid. When the scheme will be closed, the prize bonds will also become invalid.

How the prize bond work:

The lucky draw of prize bonds is held by the committee of the National saving of Pakistan. The hand operating device selects the lucky draw winner. It is done by a child who operates the machine, and then the machine selects the winner. A prize bond ceremony is held twice every year. The general public can also attend the ceremony.

Draw prizes of 40000 in 2020:

Every year prize bond draws take place at different places and on different dates. Four bonds are drawn each year for the prize bond of 40000—the months of lucky draws for the prize bond of Rs. 40,000 are as follows. Also, the trend goes the same each year.

  • March

  • June

  • September

  • December

Prizes of 40000 Prize bond:

There is a total of three number of prizes of prize bond of 40000:

  • The maximum prize offered is 80,000,000 on a premium bond of 40000.
  • The first amount offered on the 40000 prize bond is 75,000,000
  • The second amount offered at 40000 is 25,000,000.

How to check online prize bond:

When someone wins a prize bond, he can check his prize bond denomination online. If you need to check the bond status online, put the denomination number & prize bond number. You will see your results on the screen.

How to claim the prize:

The prize bond money can be claimed from the National saving center if the prize money is 1250 Rs. But if the prize money is more than 1250, it would be claimed from the State Bank of Pakistan. If someone wins a prize, he may claim his prize within six years. 

The documents required for claiming the bond prize is:

  • Applicant's original CNIC
  • Original prize bond
  • A photocopy of the prize bond with the applicant's signature on the backside of the bond.

The bond of 40000 is not so trendy; this is because of the bond worth that is such a valuable amount of money. That is why fewer people invest their money in this type of bond. All the prizing depends upon luck. So people don't want to waste their such a valuable amount on luck.