Prize Bond Rs. 100 - Results and, Draw Results, Schedule Dates and News

Rs. 100 Prize Bond Draw and Rs. 100 Prize Bond Results. Check the Schedule of Rs. 100 Prize bond also read latest updates and news about National Savings Rs. 100 Prize Bond. You can search winning numbers below, or click on the Rs. 100 Draw result by date below. The schedule of coming draws is given on this page.

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Rs 100 Prize Bond

The prize bond is a type of lottery. The Ministry of Finance Pakistan regulates the prize bonds. Prize bonds are released on behalf of the Government of Pakistan. There is no profit in bond returning. Bonds are released in a regular series. There are almost one million numbers in a prize bond. Each time results are drawn through the lucky draw. Lucky draws are organized in major cities of Pakistan. Lucky draws are organized almost 36 times in a year. Among all, the most famous bond is the prize bond of Rupees 100.

The prize bond scheme was started in 1960 by the National Savings of Pakistan under the Government of Pakistan. The purpose of the scheme was to earn money from the public at the cheaper rates in a short duration of time. In 2017 Central Directorate of Pakistan joined the State Bank of Pakistan to initiate a new prize bond scheme called Premium Prize Bond.

The prize bond can be easily purchased from any National Saving Centre or the State Bank of Pakistan. Prize bonds can not be purchased online. To purchase the prize bond, one should fill the form and submit it along with the original and photocopy of it. The applicant should sign the prize bong copy and form both.

Prize Bond Working:

The lucky draw is held by the committee of the National Savings of Pakistan. The hand operating draw machine selects winners. The public is allowed to attend the lucky draw ceremony. A special child operates the lucky draw machine in the presence of public and committee members.

The prize bond is valid until the scheme is active. When the scheme is terminated, the prize bond does not remain valid. After winning the bond from the date of the lucky draw, a person has six years to claim the bond reward. There is a text deduction from the prize bond money. It is 25% for the non-filers winner and 15% for the filer winner.

The draw of Prize Bond in 2020:

Every year, a prize bond of Rs. 100 is drawn four times. The dates of the prize bond drawn are as follows.

  • In the third week of February. This draw is organized in Peshawar.
  • In the third week of May. This draw is held at Lahore.
  • In the second week of July. This draw is carried out at Quetta.
  • In the second week of November. This draw is held in Faisalabad.

Prizes of Rs 100 Prize Bond:

The amount of the Rs 100 prize bond is as follows:

  • The 1st prize has a single winner; its amount is 700,000 Rs.
  • The 2nd prize is for three winners; its amount is 200,000 Rs. each.
  • The 3rd prize is for 1199 winners, and its amount is 1000 Rs. each.

Online Result Checking of Prize Bond:

When a person wins any denomination of a prize bond, the National Saving Centre informs the person through the SMS or the address. To check the results, online visit the website of the National Saving Centre. In the search, option put prize bond denomination and bond number and then search. The result of the bond will be shown on the screen frequently.

Prize Bond Money Claiming:

The prize bond money that is more than 1250 Rupees can be claimed from the National Saving Centre. The amount up to 1250 only is claimed from the State bank of Pakistan. To claim the prize bond following are the requirements:

  • Original CNIC card of the applicant
  • Prize bond original
  • Photocopy of the prize bond with the applicant's signature on the backside.

Bonds are safer than the stock exchange because there is a fixed amount winning option. Bonds move parallel to the stock market as there is up or down in the market bond moves in the same direction as the stock exchange market moves.

The most advantageous condition of the prize bond is that its money and terms and conditions do not alter throughout the scheme. There is no limit to prize bond purchasing; anybody can purchase any denomination of the bond.

Trends of Rs 100 Prize Bond:

The public is much more interested in the prize bond of Rs. 100 than any other denomination because if one loses the winning chance, there is only a loss of 100 Rs. This bond does not give a huge money loss to the clients as it is the 100% safe denomination to invest money and get profit.

Prize bond is one of the largest sources of investing money in Pakistan. Prize bonds are getting popular day by day due to their reliability. There are huge chances of winning the prize bond. The public is investing money in the prize bonds. Around 70,000 people win an amount of approximately 1.6 billion in a year.