Jamhoori Wattan Party

Jamhoori Wattan Party
Jamhoori Wattan Party - JWP

Jamhoori Wattan Party is a registered political party in Pakistan with Election Commision of Pakistan (ECP) .
The abbreviation of the party is (JWP) and allotted election symbol is Wheel. Below is the list of all party members including the chairman, president, vice president, secretary etc. A complete profile of every party candidate is also given, which has the past elections records, number of votes, winning status and overall percentage of votes received. The profile also includes the contact details of all party members.

Jamhoori Wattan Party Leadership

Chairman Nawabzada Talal Akbar Bughti

Jamhoori Wattan Party Candidates

Gul Mohammad Muhammad Nawaz Baloch Sohail Ansar Muhammad Sadiq Khan Murdana Balouch Muhammad Yaqoob Shams Ullah Amanullah Khan Naveed Ahmed Mir Naseebullah Shahwani Juma Khan Barech Abdul Wahid Shahzain Bugti Gul Muhammad Talal Akbar Bugti Mohammad Aslam Shah Wali Muhammad Farooq Rajput Sardar Zia Ul Haq Rana Umar Nazir Ahmad Khan
Syed Rizwan Ahmed Syed Muhammad Subtain Shah Moulana Moeen-ud-din Wattoo Syed Muhammad Moosa Shah Allah Wadhayo Khan Bozdar Ghulam Rasool Nawabzada Shahzain Bugti