Majlis-e-wahdat-e-muslimeen Pakistan - MWMP

Majlis-e-wahdat-e-muslimeen Pakistan - MWMP

Majlis-e-wahdat-e-muslimeen Pakistan is a registered political party in Pakistan with Election Commision of Pakistan (ECP). The abbreviation of the party is (MWMP) and allotted election symbol is TENT. Below is the list of all party members including the chairman, president, vice president, secretary etc. A complete profile of every party candidate is also given, which has the past elections records, number of votes, winning status and overall percentage of votes received. The profile also includes the contact details of all party members.

Majlis-e-wahdat-e-muslimeen Pakistan

Majlis-e-wahdat-e-muslimeen Pakistan Leadership

Majlis-e-wahdat-e-muslimeen Pakistan Candidates

Syed Khizar Abbas Shah BukhariSyed Khizar Abbas Shah BukhariAthar Hussain LasharIAthar Hussain LashariMuhammad Yasin KanhioMuhammad Yasin KanhioZafar Ali ShahZafar Ali ShahSyed Zahid HussainSyed Zahid HussainSaif Ali DomkiSaif Ali DomkiMOULANA SADARUDDIN ABROMoulana Sadaruddin AbroSadda Hussain LashariSadda Hussain LashariSyed Mukhtiar Ali Shah MWMSyed Mukhtiar Ali Shah MwmAftab Hussain MiraniAftab Hussain MiraniALI BUX BHAMBROAli Bux BhambroSHER ALI RAZASher Ali RazaHassan Bux JamroHassan Bux JamroMuhammad Abass RazaMuhammad Abass RazaShoukat AliShoukat AliSafdar Hussain NaeemSafdar Hussain NaeemFarah RazaFarah RazaKhadim HussainKhadim HussainMuhammad Tayyar Mehdi AdvocateMuhammad Tayyar Mehdi AdvocateSAQLAIN ABBAS SHAHSaqlain Abbas ShahRai Nasir AliRai Nasir AliDoctor Asghar Ali BhattiDoctor Asghar Ali BhattiAsad Abbas ShahAsad Abbas ShahRAZA HUSSAIN KHANRaza Hussain KhanZaheer Hussain HydriZaheer Hussain HydriRaja Mohammad BakhshRaja Mohammad BakhshJaffar Ali JafferiJaffar Ali JafferiSyed Muhammad RazaSyed Muhammad RazaMulana Deedar Ali Jal BaniMulana Deedar Ali Jal BaniMuhammad Hussain JafriMuhammad Hussain JafriBANO JAFFARBano JaffarShakir Ali RawjaniShakir Ali RawjaniMOULANA SYED ALI ANWER JAFFERIMoulana Syed Ali Anwer JafferiSalman AliSalman AliSyed Fazal Hussain ShahSyed Fazal Hussain ShahSanam LeghariSanam LeghariSyed Imran Gulzeb BukhariSyed Imran Gulzeb BukhariYar MuhammadYar MuhammadSaleem Raza JatoiSaleem Raza JatoiMuhammad ZakkiMuhammad ZakkiAbdul RehmanAbdul RehmanMumtaz Ali EimaniMumtaz Ali EimaniMohammad Aslam LeghariMohammad Aslam LeghariSajjad AliSajjad AliMushtaq Hussain MashhadiMushtaq Hussain MashhadiMulana Adeeb Ali AadabiMulana Adeeb Ali AadabiDhani Bux Khan HajanoDhani Bux Khan HajanoImran AliImran AliKhuwaja Aftab Ali JaafriKhuwaja Aftab Ali JaafriMuhammad Ismail JafferyMuhammad Ismail JafferySHUMAILA BIBIShumaila BibiDarban ALi JaffryDarban Ali JaffryZaheer Abass HajanoZaheer Abass HajanoMukhtar Ahmed ChandioMukhtar Ahmed ChandioMolana Moula Bux MurtazaiMolana Moula Bux MurtazaiRasooL Bux ShahRasool Bux ShahAbdullah MangiAbdullah MangiSYED MUHAMMAD HASSAN ZAIDISyed Muhammad Hassan ZaidiMuhammad Askari Ul HidayatMuhammad Askari Ul HidayatAIJAZ AHMED SANJRANIAijaz Ahmed SanjraniAllama Muhammad Hasnain ArifAllama Muhammad Hasnain ArifMuhammad SarwerMuhammad SarwerHakeem Muhammad TufailHakeem Muhammad TufailEHSAN ULLAH KHAN BALUCHEhsan Ullah Khan BaluchMuhammad Asghar KhanMuhammad Asghar KhanSyed Ali Abbas AbidiSyed Ali Abbas AbidiAllama Mir Maqsood Ali DomkiAllama Mir Maqsood Ali DomkiSyed Farman Ali ShahSyed Farman Ali ShahEngineer Sakhawat Ali SialEngineer Sakhawat Ali SialKashif AliKashif AliMohsin AliMohsin AliSyed Zameer Hussain RizviSyed Zameer Hussain RizviSyed Irfan HaiderSyed Irfan HaiderCol (R) Doctor Gulzar HussainCol (r) Doctor Gulzar HussainSyed Sakhawat HussainSyed Sakhawat HussainAqeel RazaAqeel RazaFIDA HUSSAIN RANAFida Hussain RanaSyed Azhar Hussain ShahSyed Azhar Hussain ShahNASIR ALI MOHALNasir Ali MohalDR SYED IFTIKHAR HUSSAIN NAQVIDr Syed Iftikhar Hussain NaqviShahzada Ali BaigShahzada Ali BaigImran HussainImran HussainHakeem Syed Jaffar Hussain BukhariHakeem Syed Jaffar Hussain BukhariSYED MDHI UD DINSyed Mdhi Ud DinSYED MUHAMMAD SAJJAD SHABEER BUKHARISyed Muhammad Sajjad Shabeer BukhariRIFFAT AKHTARRiffat AkhtarTAHIRA BANO MUBARAKTahira Bano MubarakMaqsood Ali DomkiMaqsood Ali DomkiGhulam HussainGhulam HussainSyed Asghar Abbas ZaidiSyed Asghar Abbas ZaidiMuhammad Hussain KarimiMuhammad Hussain KarimiSyed Ali HussainSyed Ali HussainSyed Basheer Ahmed Shah NaqviSyed Basheer Ahmed Shah Naqvi