NA-144 Okara, National Assembly Constituency

NA-144 is constituency of National Assembly of Pakistan. It is located in District Okara, The Constituency had registered voters in 2018 general election, total votes were casted.
Complete election history of NA-144 is given below, including the candidates and political parties which have participated in the elections, general election results and bye-elections result, profiles of candidates is also given below which includes the history and contact details.

Elections in NA-144

Candidates in NA-144

Politician Name Party Affiliation
Abdul Satar Independent
Ali Arif Choudhary Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Choudhary Riaz Ul Haq Independent
Choudhary Sajjad Ul Hassan Pakistan Peoples Party
Fiaz Ahmed Khan Ghouri Independent
Khalil Ur Rehman Independent
M. Ashraf Khan Sohna Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf
Mehar Sahadat Ali Supra Independent
Raza Bashir Sangoka Pakistan Awami Tehreek
Abdul Sattar Wahla Independent
Ali Arif Ch Independent
Azhar Mahmood Ch Independent
Ch Sajjad Ul Hassan Independent
Ch Shahid Saleem Independent
Fayyaz Ahmed Khan Ghori Independent
Fayyaz Ali Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
Khalid Mahmood Independent
Major (R) Mahmood Ahmed Gill Independent
Malik Ghulam Qadir Independent
Mian Rab Nawaz Khan Watto Independent
Molana Iftikhar Ahmed Mutahida Deeni Mahaz
Muhammad Farooq Sheikh Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan
Muhammad Arif Ch Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Muhammad Ashraf Independent
Muhammad Shair Sajid Independent
Naseer Ahmed Khan Ghori Independent
Paulus Bhatti Independent
Rana Ghulam Raza Independent
Rao Abdul Qayyum Khan Independent
Rao Khalid Khan Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf
Sahib Zada Mian Muhammad Attiq Ur Rehman Independent
Sajid Masieh Independent
Sakhawat Ali Independent
Shafeeqa Baghum Rao Sakandar Iqbal Millat Party
Shafeeqa Baghum Rao Sikindar Iqbal Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
Shafqat Ali Rabbani Independent
Shahzad Kaleem Tahir Independent
Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah Kazmi All Pakistan Muslim League
Farid Tariq Khan Independent
Khalil Akhtar Rao Independent
Mian Muhammad Munir Independent
Mian Riaz Ul Haq Chandoor Independent
Mian Yawar Zaman Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Mirza Naeem Baig Independent
Muhammad Ashraf Khan Sohna Independent
Naeem Ajmal Khan Lashari Bedar Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
Rao Sikandar Iqbal Pakistan Muslim League
Sajjad Ul Hassan Independent

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