PS-24 Sukkur, Provincial Sindh Assembly Constituency

PS-24 is constituency of Sindh Assembly of Pakistan. It is located in District Sukkur, The Constituency had registered voters in 2018 general election, total votes were casted.
Complete election history of PS-24 is given below, including the candidates and political parties which have participated in the elections, general election results and bye-elections result, profiles of candidates is also given below which includes the history and contact details.

Elections in PS-24

Candidates in PS-24

Politician Name Party Affiliation
Abdul Khaliq Arain Independent
Abdul Waheed Phanwar Independent
Abid Ali Independent
Abid Hussain Ramay Independent
Ali Asghar Rind Independent
Amanullah Mughal Mutahida Deeni Mahaz
Asadullah Magsi Independent
Asim Kabeer Khanzada Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
Ayaz Ali Nonari Independent
Babar Nisar Memon Independent
Chandar Das Independent
Engineer Tahir Baloch Independent
Farhan Riaz Memon Independent
Ghulam Muhammad Gulab Independent
Ghulam Mujtaba Khaskheli Independent
Ghulam Sarwar Khaskheli Independent
Gulzar Ahmed Fauji Bahi Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf
Gulzar Ali Keerio Independent
Habibullah Independent
Hina Independent
Ibrahim Independent
Ishtiaque Ahmed Mangi Independent
Jan Muhammad Khan Independent
Jan Muhammad Khaskheli Independent
Javed Chandio Independent
Javed Iqbal Arain Independent
Mian Abdul Sattar Arain Independent
Mohammad Ismail Independent
Mohammad Saleem Shaikh Independent
Mohammad Yaqoob Qadri Independent
Mohsin Ali Shaikh Independent
Muhammad Aslam Bhatti Independent
Muhammad Maqsood Rajput Sunni Ittehad Council
Muhammad Shahid Arain Independent
Munwar Manzoor Arain Independent
Nisar Ali Keerio Sindh Taraqi Passand Party (Stp)
Qazi Gohar Independent
Rajab Ali Khaskheli Independent
Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah Taqvi Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Syed Waheed Din Shah Independent
Tariq Masood Arain Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
Umer Gul Awami National Party
Waheed Murad Alias Naveed Jan Independent
Wali Muhammad Independent
Zafar Ali Shah Majlis-e-wahdat-e-muslimeen Pakistan
Zulfiqar Ali Mallah Independent
Zulfiqar Bhatti Awami Muslim League Pakistan
Abdul Ghafoor Independent
Abdul Rasheed (Rasheed Bhiya) Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
Akhtar Hussain Independent
Azam Hussain Syed Independent
Ghulam Jan Independent
Ghulam Sajjad Gopang Independent
Haji Khalid Hussain Channa Independent
Muhammad Qasim Brohi Independent
Muhammad Siddiq Butt Independent
Muhammad Younis Independent
Muhammad Yousif Independent
Munawar Manzoor Arain Independent
Nazimuddin Mutthida majlis-e-amal pakistan
Sher Afzal Independent
Sher Baz Khan Independent
Sher Muhammad Jamali Independent
Syed Ghulam Mohiuddin Shah Independent
Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Syed Muhammad Saeed Zaidi Kashif Independent
Syed Zahid Hussain Shah Independent
Tariq Masood Arain Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
Zai-ul-hassan Lanjar Independent

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