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1 UK Pound Sterling (GBP) To Pakistan Rupee (PKR) Currency Exchange Rates Today. GBP to Pakistan Rupee exchange rates and UK Pound Sterling to PKR buying and Selling rates. 1 GBP to PKR Interbank rate and 1 PKR to GBP rates.

1 GBP = 352.95857 PKR

1 GBP = 352.96 PKR
Your Conversion : 1 GBP = 352.95857 PKR
Reverse Conversion : 352.95857 PKR = 1 GBP

UK Pound Sterling Pakistan Rupee

Updated: Oct 02 2023

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Today UK Pound Sterling Rate to Pakistan Rupee (1 GBP to PKR) is 352.95857 PKR, all prices are updated every hour to give you the best GBP to PKR conversion. This UK Pound Sterling to Pakistan Rupee conversion is based on open market rates which are set by the currency exchange dealers of Pakistan. Easily find the 1 GBP buying rate and selling rate in Pakistan. You can also convert all major currencies online.



Last 30 days LAST 90 DAYS
High 385.8 386.3
Low 326 326
Average 371.8467 372.0800


Date Buying Selling
18 Aug, 2023 382.00 385.80
17 Aug, 2023 382.30 385.80
16 Aug, 2023 379.30 383.00
15 Aug, 2023 375.25 379.00
14 Aug, 2023 374.00 377.25
13 Aug, 2023 374.00 377.25
12 Aug, 2023 374.00 377.25
11 Aug, 2023 374.00 377.25
10 Aug, 2023 372.80 376.50
9 Aug, 2023 373.00 376.50
8 Aug, 2023 371.80 375.50
7 Aug, 2023 371.80 375.50
6 Aug, 2023 370.00 373.00
5 Aug, 2023 370.00 373.00
4 Aug, 2023 370.00 373.00


GBP is currently worth 352.95857 PKR. Currencies of countries fluctuate continuously. It is because of changes in the markets of each country. In the following text, we will describe the growth and fall of the currency rate among GBP and PKR.


GBP is also known as the "Great Britain Pound". It is also known to be the abbreviation of the British Pound sterling. It is the currency that is being used in Great Britain. The currency is the measure of money in a country. The value of products sold in Great Britain is measured with the GBP.

The currency is different in every country. The currency is used in the United Kingdom is said to be very strong in the market of currencies. It is mainly because the rate of inflation is very low in Britain. Inflation is the rate or amount at which the prices in a country are increasing. Low inflation means that prices do not increase rapidly in Britain. 

Prices are always increasing. But the rate is high or low. The rate of price increase in Britain is low. It means that a lot of things can be bought with the same amount of money in Britain when the rest of the world cannot but that much. It is because the rate at which prices increase is high in other countries. Therefore, the prices of the overall products in the country rise at a minimal rate.

When prices are increased in other countries and not in Britain, this is beneficial for Britain. And how is that? With the same amount of money, Britain's currency purchases more as compared to other countries. It makes the currency of Britain strong.

The worth of a currency is measured by a comparison made with other currencies. The highest amount of currency is the less strong one. For example, if a Pound is of 1.725 Euros, this makes the Pound a stronger currency. Because one Pound is worth more than one Euro, it means that the worth or Pound has increased. The strongest the Pound has been when it was 1.725 Euros.

A fun fact about the Pound is that it is also the oldest. It means that when currencies were made into existence, the Pound was the first one. Since then, up till now, the Pound is still in existence.


PKR is known as the “Pakistani Rupees”. It is the currency used in Pakistan. As in the United Kingdom, Pakistan also uses only one currency. In Pakistan, only the Rupees are used as a form of Currency. No lesser than one rupee can now be used in Pakistan. This currency is available in all forms of money. The smaller values are available in coins. The larger sums are available in notes. The smallest amount of coin is one rupee in Pakistan. There are also coins of two and five Rupees. There are both coins and notes available for ten Rupees. But after ten Rupees, no coins are available. The highest value of currency notes available in Pakistan is of five thousand Rupees.


If the Rupees are compared with the Pound, the Pound is a stronger currency. At the current moment, the Pound is 352.96 times stronger than the Rupees. It means that one Pound is equal to 352.95857 Rupees. Now the currency amounts change all the time. These changes are based on the conditions of the economy. If the conditions of a country's economy are bad, the currency will become less strong. Good economic conditions lead to a stronger currency. The currency of Britain being stronger than the currency of Pakistan shows that the economy of Britain is better than the economy of Pakistan.