Pakistan Muslim League (f) - PML-F

Pakistan Muslim League (f) - PML-F

Pakistan Muslim League (F) is a registered political party in Pakistan with Election Commision of Pakistan (ECP). The abbreviation of the party is (PML-F) and allotted election symbol is ROSE. Below is the list of all party members including the chairman, president, vice president, secretary etc. A complete profile of every party candidate is also given, which has the past elections records, number of votes, winning status and overall percentage of votes received. The profile also includes the contact details of all party members.

Pakistan Muslim League (F)

Pakistan Muslim League (F) Leadership

Pakistan Muslim League (F) Candidates

Doctor Sahib JanDoctor Sahib JanKhuda Bux DarsKhuda Bux DarsMuhammad PervezMuhammad PervezJaved Ahmed KhanJaved Ahmed KhanJam Nafees Ali KhanJam Nafees Ali KhanMian Abdul MalikMian Abdul MalikMaj: (Rtd) Syed Tanveer Hussain Satara JuraatMaj: (rtd) Syed Tanveer Hussain Satara JuraatSyed Mustafa MehmoodSyed Mustafa MehmoodSyed Zahid Hussain ShahSyed Zahid Hussain ShahSyed Javed Ali ShahSyed Javed Ali ShahPir Syed Saddaruddin Shah RashdiPir Syed Saddaruddin Shah RashdiSyed Kazim Ali Shah LakyariSyed Kazim Ali Shah LakyariAli Akber NizamaniAli Akber NizamaniFakir Ghulam Nabi MangrioFakir Ghulam Nabi MangrioPir Noor Mohammad Shah JeelaniPir Noor Mohammad Shah JeelaniMuhammad Jadam MangrioMuhammad Jadam MangrioJam Mashooque AliJam Mashooque AliTahir Javed Khan Salar AdvocateTahir Javed Khan Salar AdvocateArif Masood Anwar KhanArif Masood Anwar KhanSyed Tassawar Ul Hassan GillaniSyed Tassawar Ul Hassan GillaniDr. Malik Muhammad SaeedDr. Malik Muhammad SaeedMalik Azeem Bukhsh NaichMalik Azeem Bukhsh NaichQazi Ahmed SaeedQazi Ahmed SaeedQamar-ud- Din KhanQamar-ud- Din KhanMuhammad Tariq Khan Jatoi AdvocateMuhammad Tariq Khan Jatoi AdvocateMaj. (Rtd) Farrukh Raza KhanMaj. (rtd) Farrukh Raza KhanMakhdoom Alambardar Hussain HashmiMakhdoom Alambardar Hussain HashmiMakhdoom Syed Ahmad MehmoodMakhdoom Syed Ahmad MehmoodMumtaz MustafaMumtaz MustafaJam Muzaffar AliJam Muzaffar AliGhulam Shah Mardan Alias Zahid Hussain ShahGhulam Shah Mardan Alias Zahid Hussain ShahRaheem Bux KhanRaheem Bux KhanMir Naseer Khan KhosoMir Naseer Khan KhosoZafar Iqbal BilalZafar Iqbal BilalShafqat Ali MahessarShafqat Ali MahessarMuhammad Rafique BanbhanMuhammad Rafique BanbhanSyed Sadaruddin Shah RashidiSyed Sadaruddin Shah RashidiPir Syed FayyazPir Syed FayyazImtiaz Ahmed ShaikhImtiaz Ahmed ShaikhSyed Rafay Akber RashdiSyed Rafay Akber RashdiMr. Syed Shah Muhammad ShahMr. Syed Shah Muhammad ShahMuzaffar Hussain ShahMuzaffar Hussain ShahRajveer SinghRajveer SinghSyed Aijaz Ali ShahSyed Aijaz Ali ShahAli GhulamAli GhulamRana Abdul SattarRana Abdul SattarQazi Shams DinQazi Shams DinJam Madad Ali KhanJam Madad Ali KhanLiaquat AliLiaquat AliMusharraf Ali Khan KhosaMusharraf Ali Khan KhosaMAIN SAJJAD AHMAD SAJIDMain Sajjad Ahmad SajidSyed Ghulam AbbasSyed Ghulam AbbasSyed Mehr Mohi Ud Din HashmiSyed Mehr Mohi Ud Din HashmiSHEHZAD MUGHALShehzad MughalNadeem Qadir BhuttoNadeem Qadir BhuttoInayatullahInayatullahGhous Bux Khan MaharGhous Bux Khan MaharMehtab Akbar RashidiMehtab Akbar RashidiSarfaraz Ali BughioSarfaraz Ali BughioMir Hassan KhosoMir Hassan KhosoSardar Mir Hakim Ali Khan SundraniSardar Mir Hakim Ali Khan SundraniSyed Qazim Ali ShahSyed Qazim Ali ShahAbdul RazzaqueAbdul RazzaquePIR SAJJAD SAEED JAN SIRHANDIPir Sajjad Saeed Jan SirhandiAmjad HussainAmjad HussainAli Asghar HalepotoAli Asghar HalepotoBibi Yasmeen ShahBibi Yasmeen ShahSYED QURBAN ALI SHAHSyed Qurban Ali ShahSyed Inayat Ali ShahSyed Inayat Ali ShahChakar Khan ShahaniChakar Khan ShahaniSyed Safdar Ali ShahSyed Safdar Ali ShahPir Bux JunejoPir Bux JunejoPir Sadaruddin ShahPir Sadaruddin ShahImamuddin ShaookeenImamuddin ShaookeenShabir Ahmed Qaim KhaniShabir Ahmed Qaim KhaniPIRZADA MANSOOR JAVAIDPirzada Mansoor JavaidHAFIZ MUHAMMAD RIAZ MIRZAHafiz Muhammad Riaz MirzaPeer Syed Fakhar Abbas KhowarzmiPeer Syed Fakhar Abbas KhowarzmiDoctor Malik Muhammad SaeedDoctor Malik Muhammad SaeedSheikh Muhammad Anwar SaeedSheikh Muhammad Anwar SaeedHaji Muhammad Saeed AraeenHaji Muhammad Saeed AraeenImran RaizImran RaizAsif AliAsif AliSardar Ezaz Mahboob HamziSardar Ezaz Mahboob HamziMalik Abdul Rehman KharMalik Abdul Rehman KharKaram Khan LakhweraKaram Khan LakhweraMUHAMMAD JAMAL MURADMuhammad Jamal MuradRANA ZEESHAN AKHTARRana Zeeshan AkhtarABDUL RAHEEMAbdul RaheemAbdul Qadir GhumroAbdul Qadir GhumroSyed Ghulam Mardan Alies Zahid Hussain ShahSyed Ghulam Mardan Alies Zahid Hussain ShahFaqir Abdul KhaliqueFaqir Abdul KhaliqueZaheeruddin Babar Ali LundZaheeruddin Babar Ali LundZULFIQAR ALI KAMARIOZulfiqar Ali KamarioMUHAMMAD SHAHARYAR KHAN MAHARMuhammad Shaharyar Khan MaharSARDAR DHANI BUX LASHARISardar Dhani Bux LashariSardar Zulfiqar Ali KhanSardar Zulfiqar Ali KhanDoctor Iqrar Ali JakhraniDoctor Iqrar Ali JakhraniSyed Bagh Ali ShahSyed Bagh Ali ShahAsif Ali Shah JellaniAsif Ali Shah JellaniGhulam Hyder RahooGhulam Hyder RahooMuhammad Rashid ShahMuhammad Rashid ShahMir Shah Nawaz Khan TalpurMir Shah Nawaz Khan TalpurSyed Mashooq Mohiuddin ShahSyed Mashooq Mohiuddin ShahIsmail ShahIsmail ShahAsif Ali SiyalAsif Ali SiyalNazir AhmedNazir AhmedAmjad Ali Khan JalbaniAmjad Ali Khan JalbaniSardar Fida Hussain GopangSardar Fida Hussain GopangNaheed KhuhawarNaheed KhuhawarSyed Muhammad Ali Shah JamotSyed Muhammad Ali Shah JamotNizamuddin ArainNizamuddin ArainHussaini Shahbuddin ShahHussaini Shahbuddin ShahMir Mushtaque Ali TalpurMir Mushtaque Ali TalpurMir Muhammad KhokharMir Muhammad KhokharMIR INAYAT ALI TALPURMir Inayat Ali TalpurSYED ZULAFQAR ALI SHAHSyed Zulafqar Ali ShahAbdul RazaqueAbdul RazaqueSyed Ali Bux ShahSyed Ali Bux ShahMuhammad Umer NohriMuhammad Umer NohriHameersinghHameersinghFaqir InayatullahFaqir InayatullahMir Zafarullah Khan TalpurMir Zafarullah Khan TalpurMir Jan Ullah Khan TalpurMir Jan Ullah Khan TalpurFAQEER MUHAMMAD JADAM MANGRIOFaqeer Muhammad Jadam MangrioMuhammad QasimMuhammad QasimSardar Chakar Khan ShahaniSardar Chakar Khan ShahaniSyed Muhammad ShahSyed Muhammad ShahGhulam Rasool BabarGhulam Rasool BabarMr.Sayed Zulfiquar Ali ShahMr.sayed Zulfiquar Ali ShahSyed Mazharuddin Shah RashdiSyed Mazharuddin Shah RashdiSaeed Khan NizamaniSaeed Khan NizamaniWARYAM FAQEERWaryam FaqeerHaji Khuda Bux RajarHaji Khuda Bux RajarShakeel Ahmed Alias Karim DadShakeel Ahmed Alias Karim DadUmer Farooque QureshiUmer Farooque QureshiIqbal HussainIqbal HussainAyaz Ahmed Qureshi PeerAyaz Ahmed Qureshi PeerBazi KhanBazi KhanJahanzab ShahJahanzab ShahMIRZA TARIQ PERVAIZMirza Tariq PervaizMehboob ZikariaMehboob ZikariaShahzad Ali GazdarShahzad Ali GazdarZakria HussainZakria HussainSardar Abdul RaheemSardar Abdul RaheemNaeem MalikNaeem MalikShahid Hussain SoomroShahid Hussain SoomroManzoor AliManzoor AliItabar Khan GujjarItabar Khan GujjarHaji Saeed Ahmed GujjarHaji Saeed Ahmed GujjarAbdul Qadir SharAbdul Qadir SharMuhammad Dawood KhanMuhammad Dawood KhanAbdullahAbdullahProfessor Mansoor AhmedProfessor Mansoor AhmedIftikhar Ahmed ShawaniIftikhar Ahmed ShawaniMurad BakhshMurad Bakhsh