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1 UAE Dirham (AED) To Pakistan Rupee (PKR) Currency Exchange Rates Today. AED to Pakistan Rupee exchange rates and UAE Dirham to PKR buying and Selling rates. 1 AED to PKR Interbank rate and 1 PKR to AED rates.

1 AED = 78.733622 PKR

1 AED = 78.73 PKR
Your Conversion : 1 AED = 78.733622 PKR
Reverse Conversion : 78.733622 PKR = 1 AED

UAE Dirham Pakistan Rupee

Updated: Oct 02 2023

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Today UAE Dirham Rate to Pakistan Rupee (1 AED to PKR) is 78.733622 PKR, all prices are updated every hour to give you the best AED to PKR conversion. This UAE Dirham to Pakistan Rupee conversion is based on open market rates which are set by the currency exchange dealers of Pakistan. Easily find the 1 AED buying rate and selling rate in Pakistan. You can also convert all major currencies online.



Last 30 days LAST 90 DAYS
High 84 90.4
Low 79.7 76
Average 81.6867 81.4139


Date Buying Selling
18 Aug, 2023 83.10 83.90
17 Aug, 2023 83.20 84.00
16 Aug, 2023 83.00 83.80
15 Aug, 2023 82.25 83.00
14 Aug, 2023 81.70 82.70
13 Aug, 2023 81.70 82.70
12 Aug, 2023 81.70 82.70
11 Aug, 2023 81.70 82.70
10 Aug, 2023 81.30 82.10
9 Aug, 2023 81.60 82.40
8 Aug, 2023 81.50 82.30
7 Aug, 2023 81.40 82.20
6 Aug, 2023 81.00 81.80
5 Aug, 2023 81.00 81.80
4 Aug, 2023 81.00 81.80


The rate of exchange from AED to PKR is 78.733622 Rupees. This rate is fluctuating depending on the conditions of the economy. Economies of both countries play a role in determining the rate. The following is the explanation of why and how the AED fluctuates with respect to PKR, also, the relationship between both currencies.


The currency of Dubai is the AED. It is the abbreviation for the United Arab Emirates Dirham. Dirham is the actual name of the currency. Dirham is the official currency used in all Emirates countries. Dubai is also one of the emirates countries. It is presented through symbols. These are “DH” or “Dhs”. Through these symbols, the currency of Dubai is recognized.

As compared to the United States Dollar, the Dirham is a weaker currency. Almost all currencies are measured with the United States Dollar to know how strong they are. It is because the United States Dollar is probably the strongest currency up till now.

As compared to other currencies, the Dirham is still very strong. The exchange rate of the Dollar to Dirham is 3.67 Dirham. It means that one Dollar is equal to 3.6725 Dirhams. Dirhams are still very strong as compared to the currencies all over the world. A total of 30,000 Dirhams is considered a lot of money. This amount is considered as an acceptable and desired amount of salary per month. While in other countries, the amount in their currencies would be of lesser worth.

Now, even though the currency of the United States is stronger, Dubai is so much cheaper on certain aspects. When compared to the United States, many things are very cheap in Dubai. It signifies that even if the currencies of Dubai are strong at the same time, it is weak for other countries. Here the currency does not matter. Because these things are very cheap for people who belong to countries with stronger countries. Soft drinks are an example of that. When compared to the prices of the United States, the prices of Dubai are very low. The prices of soft drinks are approximately 300% cheaper in Dubai, as compares to the USA.


PKR is the currency of Pakistan. It is known as the Pakistani Rupees. Rupees are the official currency used in Pakistan. The situations of the economy of Pakistan are not very good. These conditions, when compared to many other countries, seem to be very bad.

The currency of a country depends upon the economic conditions in the country. Because the economic conditions of Pakistan are not very good, the Rupees keep falling. It is becoming weaker and weaker. The weak currency leads to many other issues for a country. These include the country facing even higher amounts of inflation. Weak currencies promote the rate at which prices are increasing in the country. The Currency of Pakistan is falling and is considered as a very low currency. But there are still currencies that are weaker than the Pakistani Rupees—for example, the Iranian Rial.


The Dirham is a much stronger currency than the Rupees. It is because of the demand and supply in the international exchange rate market and also the economic conditions of both countries. The rate of AED is 78.733622 as compared to the PKR. However, this rate keeps increasing. It means that the currency of Dubai is continually becoming stronger.

The most common currency used in Dubai is the Dirham. The Dirham being a stronger currency, leads to low amounts of money being of high worth. It means that an amount of 30000 Dirhams would be a handsome amount of salary. But in Pakistan, 30,000 would just be an average salary.