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Today 1 INR To PKR Exchange Rate is Rs. 0.00. Find today current Indian Rupee to Pakistan Rupee conversion according to open market exchange rates. Buying and Selling rates of Dollar in Exchange market today with online calculator.

1 INR = 0 PKR

1 INR = 0.00 PKR
Your Conversion : 1 INR = 0 PKR
Reverse Conversion : 0 PKR = 1 INR

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Updated: Jul 24 2024

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Today Indian Rupee Rate to Pakistan Rupee (1 INR to PKR) is 0 PKR, all prices are updated every hour to give you the best INR to PKR conversion. This Indian Rupee to Pakistan Rupee conversion is based on open market rates which are set by the currency exchange dealers of Pakistan. Easily find the 1 INR buying rate and selling rate in Pakistan. You can also convert all major currencies online.



Last 30 days LAST 90 DAYS
High 3.45 3.46
Low 3.43 3.43
Average 3.4340 3.4434


Date Buying Selling
24 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43
23 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43
22 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43
21 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43
20 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43
19 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43
18 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43
17 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43
16 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43
15 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43
14 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43
13 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43
12 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43
11 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43
10 Jul, 2024 3.33 3.43


The exchange rate of INR to PKR is around 0. However, this rate keeps on changing continuously depending upon the economic conditions of both countries. So, in this article, we will discuss the variation of INR with respect to PKR. We will also relate them. So let’s have a look.


INR is the official currency of India. It stands for Indian Rupee. The Rupee is further divided into Paisa. But now it is not used due to its low value. The Reserve Bank of India controls the issuance of the currency.

If we compare it with the United States Dollars to check its strength, it is a very weak currency. You will notice a considerable variation between them in the exchange rate, which is around from USD to INR. It means 1 US Dollar is equal to Indian Rupees. So, you can see that it is a much weaker currency.

Moreover, as compared to other currencies, it is relatively weaker. However, it is still better than the currencies of other developing countries. It is not considered a worthy currency in the international market due to its low value.

There are several reasons behind this weak economy. The first reason is the very large population, which has affected the economy very badly. The higher imports than exports are also a reason. Inflation is also a cause of this condition.


PKR is the official currency of Pakistan. It stands for Pakistani Rupees. One Rupee is subdivided into 100 Paisa. It is not further issued due to an extremely low value. The State Bank of Pakitan controls the coins and notes. And currently, coins and notes both are used.

As compared to the United States Dollars, it is a significantly weaker currency. A sufficient variation can be seen here also. The exchange rate of USD to PKR is very high, which is around . It is a substantial variation that can lead to catastrophic conditions.

Further, if we compare it with the other currencies of the world, it is much weaker. Currencies like Euro, Pound, etc., are much stronger currencies than PKR. It is also not considered a worthy currency due to its low value in the international market. Therefore, minor trading is done in PKR.

The reasons for this weak economy are many. The first one is a bad political history. Inflation has affected the economy very badly. Another reason is the high imports and low exports. Lastly, unsatisfactory behavior toward international affairs is also a reason.


If INR and PKR are compared, then a little difference can be seen. You can say that there is only one point difference. INR is a slightly stronger currency than PKR. The exchange rate for PKR is greater due to its low value. Moreover, INR is a slightly worthy currency than PKR. Consequently, the demand and supply of INR is also greater. Lastly, both currencies are doing great to take a good position in the international market to make its value better.