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Today 1 JPY To PKR Exchange Rate is Rs. 1.85. Find today current Japanese Yen to Pakistan Rupee conversion according to open market exchange rates. Buying and Selling rates of Dollar in Exchange market today with online calculator.

1 JPY = 1.8542755 PKR

1 JPY = 1.85 PKR
Your Conversion : 1 JPY = 1.8542755 PKR
Reverse Conversion : 1.8542755 PKR = 1 JPY

Japanese Yen Pakistan Rupee

Updated: Feb 28 2024

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Today Japanese Yen Rate to Pakistan Rupee (1 JPY to PKR) is 1.8542755 PKR, all prices are updated every hour to give you the best JPY to PKR conversion. This Japanese Yen to Pakistan Rupee conversion is based on open market rates which are set by the currency exchange dealers of Pakistan. Easily find the 1 JPY buying rate and selling rate in Pakistan. You can also convert all major currencies online.



Last 30 days LAST 90 DAYS
High 2.18 2.3
Low 2.18 1.45
Average 2.1800 1.9187


Date Buying Selling
28 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18
27 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18
26 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18
25 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18
24 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18
23 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18
22 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18
21 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18
20 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18
19 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18
18 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18
17 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18
16 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18
15 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18
14 Feb, 2024 2.10 2.18


The exchange rate of JPY to PKR is not that much. But first, let's have a detailed look at both JPY and PKR. Both of these are currencies of different countries with different economies. One is stronger than the other. Let's have a look at both of them along with a brief comparison.


JPY is the abbreviation of the Japanese Yen. As the name of this currency signifies, it is the currency officially used in Japan. Yen is used in Japan as a means of exchange. Now let's have a look at some facts about the Japanese Yen.

This currency has a high demand in the foreign exchange market. After the Dollar of the United States and the Euro, the Japanese Yen is in the third position for being traded. The demand for this currency is also signified by the use of it as one of the popular currencies as the reserve currency. Now even though this currency has a high demand in the foreign exchange market, this demand has less impact on the strength of the currency. It is because there are other factors strongly impacting the strength of this currency. These factors are so powerful and impactful that such a considerable advantage is undermined.

One of the main reasons that the Japanese Yen is so weak is because of the impacts that World War 2 had on the market of Japan. Because of World War 2, inflation was at its peak in Japan. It led to a high decrease in the strength of the currency. This currency was so impacted by the war that today, it is even weaker than the Indian rupees. One Indian Rupee is equal to 1.8184219 Japanese Yen. India itself has a weak currency when compared to most of the countries. The Japanese Yen being lower than the Indian Rupees tells a lot about the Yen.

The Yen is not the only currency used in Japan. There are also more subdivisions made of the Japanese Yen. These subdivisions include the Sen and the Rin. Yen and JPY are the same things. The Yen can be divided into one hundred Sen. The Yen can also be divided into one thousand Rin.


The PKR is the abbreviation of the Pakistani Rupee. It is the commonly used currency in Pakistan. This currency is also recognized by the symbol Rp. It is divided into a further currency, known as Paisa. It is a smaller currency unit than the Rupees. One Pakistani Rupee is divided into one hundred Paisa.

In the currency exchange table, this currency will probably be one of the weakest. It is due to the market conditions of Pakistan. Not only that, but the demand for this currency is also deficient. The currency exchange table gives the currency exchange rates of currency. Based upon such calculations, the currency that is the highest in Pakistan is the British Pound. After that comes the Euro and then the United States Dollar. One USD would be 279.11388 Rupees.

After being at the lowest bottom, the Pakistani currency has shown some signs of gaining strength in the future. These predictions are based on two factors. One is that some of the loans taken by Pakistan have been paid off. Second, due to such betterments in the economy, the demand for the currency is expected to increase in the foreign exchange market.


Now even though Japan has a very weak currency and the market of Japan was significantly damaged, the Pakistani currency is still weaker than the Japanese Yen. It tells a lot about the PKR. When we convert JPY to PKR, we get a result of the Japanese Yen being equal to almost 1.8542755 Pakistani Rupees. Now we can see that this is not much of a difference in the exchange rate. But based on the fact that Japan went through World War 2 and recovered from that, the Pakistani Rupees should have been a lot stronger than the JPY.

If we convert 10000 Japanese Yen to PKR, we will get almost 18542.755 Pakistani Rupees. It helps establish some knowledge about both currencies with one another as well as with other global currencies. The exchange rate of 1 Japanese to PKR is not that much but based upon the history of both countries, Pakistani Rupees should have been much stronger than the Yen.