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Today 1 THB To PKR Exchange Rate is Rs. 8.13. Find today current Thai Bhat to Pakistan Rupee conversion according to open market exchange rates. Buying and Selling rates of Dollar in Exchange market today with online calculator.

1 THB = 8.132089 PKR

1 THB = 8.13 PKR
Your Conversion : 1 THB = 8.132089 PKR
Reverse Conversion : 8.132089 PKR = 1 THB

Thai Bhat Pakistan Rupee

Updated: Sep 23 2023

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Today Thai Bhat Rate to Pakistan Rupee (1 THB to PKR) is 8.132089 PKR, all prices are updated every hour to give you the best THB to PKR conversion. This Thai Bhat to Pakistan Rupee conversion is based on open market rates which are set by the currency exchange dealers of Pakistan. Easily find the 1 THB buying rate and selling rate in Pakistan. You can also convert all major currencies online.



Last 30 days LAST 90 DAYS
High 8.48 8.81
Low 8.32 7.92
Average 8.3950 8.3833


Date Buying Selling
18 Aug, 2023 8.19 8.34
17 Aug, 2023 8.19 8.34
16 Aug, 2023 8.19 8.34
15 Aug, 2023 8.17 8.32
14 Aug, 2023 8.19 8.34
13 Aug, 2023 8.19 8.34
12 Aug, 2023 8.19 8.34
11 Aug, 2023 8.19 8.34
10 Aug, 2023 8.19 8.34
9 Aug, 2023 8.18 8.33
8 Aug, 2023 8.33 8.48
7 Aug, 2023 8.33 8.48
6 Aug, 2023 8.33 8.48
5 Aug, 2023 8.33 8.48
4 Aug, 2023 8.33 8.48


If we convert the currency THB to PKR, there is not much difference in the conversion rate of both currencies. Even though the THB is 8.13 times more than the PKR, this is still a low difference. Because compared to other currencies, this difference is so huge. In the information given below, we have explained THB and PKR, and their comparison as well.


THB is the abbreviation of the “Thai Baht”. It is the currency that is used in Thailand. In Thailand, this is issued by the bank of Thailand. It is a very strong currency when compared to other currencies in the world. There are many reasons behind this currency being so strong. All the reasons relate to the economy of Thailand.

When the economy of a country is growing, the currency becomes stronger. The growth of the country helps the currency to be stronger worldwide. To be more specific, the currency of Thailand is strong because of two main reasons. One is the trade surplus. And the second is the hawkish central bank. There are also plenty of other reasons for the currency’s strength. But as mentioned earlier, they all relate to Thailand’s economy. And these two are the major contributing reasons.

There are multiple other reasons where the Thai economy keeps itself in the growth model. Here, regulations also play a role. What usually happens in most countries is that people from developing countries travel to prosperous countries to start living a better life. But when they come there, they cannot make much money. Mainly because of immigration issues. So then, in the country, there is more consumption rather than production.

But in Thailand, there are laws relating to this issue. It is a law for all tourists to have a certain amount of money on them. Every single person must have a minimum of the thousand THB with him. There is some leniency given in the case of a family. If there is a family, a minimum of twenty thousand THB must be with them. These regulations are made, so no such issues are caused.


PKR is the Pakistani Rupees. It is the currency used in Pakistan and is written as Rs. It is the official currency in Pakistan. The strength of this currency seems to be falling. This fall in the currency is very consistent. And is seen to be continuing. The many reasons behind a currency being strong is the market is strong, or the country is strong. If the country is growing, the strength of the currency will also increase.

One point of view does not agree that the currency will further devalue. Even though the market conditions of Pakistan do not seem to be that well. Instead, many people expect that PKR will now appreciate. This forecast is made for multiple reasons. But mainly for two reasons. One is that there are large amounts of support coming for the FX Reserves. Another reason is that improvements are seen in the payments due to the country. In the external account of Pakistan, multiple huge payments have been seen to be made. These were the loans taken by Pakistan in times of crisis. Being in lesser debt makes the economy stronger. It predicts the strength of the currency in the future.


The currency of Thailand is THB, and the currency of Pakistan is PKR. On a comparison of both, it is clear that the currency of Thailand is stronger than the currency of Pakistan. The rate at which both currencies are exchanged means that 1 THB is equal to around 8.132089 PKR. There is not much difference in strength. But still, the Thai Baht is stronger than the Rupees.

Compared to previous declarations, the difference between both currencies is slowly decreasing. It means that either the Pakistani currency is getting stronger or Thailand's currency if getting weaker. In the current situation, the Pakistani currency seems to be getting stronger. It is because the economy of Thailand is not facing any backlashes. Any backlashes would have caused the currency of Thailand to be weaker. But this is not the case. Instead, changes have been seen in the economy of Pakistan. These changes have positively impacted the economy of Pakistan. Not only this, but these changes have also caused the currency of Pakistan to become stronger in the international exchange market. It is also why the difference between both currencies is decreasing.