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1 bhd = 554.06319 pkr

1 bhd = 554.06 pkr
Your Conversion : 1 bhd = 554.06319 pkr
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Bahrain Dinar Pakistan Rupee

Updated: Jun 26 2022

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Today Bahrain Dinar Rate to Pakistan Rupee (1 bhd to pkr) is 554.06319 PKR, all prices are updated every hour to give you the best bhd to pkr conversion. This Bahrain Dinar to Pakistan Rupee conversion is based on open market rates which are set by the currency exchange dealers of Pakistan. Easily find the 1 bhd buying rate and selling rate in Pakistan. You can also convert all major currencies online.

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bhd TO pkr STATS

Last 30 days LAST 90 DAYS
High 559.5 559.5
Low 530.2 388.5
Average 544.7577 447.3248


Date Buying Selling
26 Jun, 2022 553.93 558.43
25 Jun, 2022 553.93 558.43
24 Jun, 2022 555.00 559.50
23 Jun, 2022 555.00 559.50
22 Jun, 2022 548.72 553.22
21 Jun, 2022 549.53 554.03
20 Jun, 2022 549.53 554.03
19 Jun, 2022 550.60 555.10
18 Jun, 2022 550.60 555.10
17 Jun, 2022 550.60 555.10
16 Jun, 2022 550.50 555.00
15 Jun, 2022 548.87 553.37
14 Jun, 2022 542.79 547.29
13 Jun, 2022 536.97 541.47
12 Jun, 2022 533.42 537.92


The rate of currencies varies regularly. It may increase or decrease. The currency varies due to the economic conditions of a country. Here, we will discuss how BHD varies in accordance with PKR. Also, we will talk about the factors behind the variation in the exchange rate of these currencies.


BHD is the abbreviation of Bahraini Dinar. Bahraini Dinar is the official currency of Bahrain. It is subdivided into 1000 Fils. This currency is used in the regions of Bahrain. 

A specific symbol represents every currency. Same as that, the Bahraini Dinar is also represented by a symbol of "BHD" or "BD". It is also abbreviated commonly by "BD". It is represented by three decimal places that denote the Fils.

All the currencies are compared with the United State Dollar because the United state Dollar is considered as the strongest currency. The currency of any other country is compared with USD to measure how strong the currency is.

Therefore, by comparing the Bahraini Dinar to United States Dollars, we came to know that the Bahraini Dinar is very strong than that of United States Dollars. The Bahraini Dinar's worths are high than the United States Dollars. 

The average rate of exchange of Bahraini Dinar is 2.6595745 USD. It clearly states that how strong the Bahraini Dinar is than the United States Dollars. The currency of Bahrain has higher values because of its stable economy. Both countries are facing economic growth. Therefore the exchange rate remains almost constant.


PKR is the abbreviation of Pakistani Rupee. It is the official currency of Pakistan. This currency was introduced in 1948. The PKR currency is considered as cheaper currency. It is due to poor economic conditions. Pakistan is facing hardships in its economy. That is why the currency of Pakistan is weaker. 

The currency rate is getting weaker day by day. The unstable economy of a country also causes many other issues. Mainly one of them is inflation at higher rates. 

If the currency of a country is weak, the price rates of commonly used things would be very high, and this may lead to more bad conditions of the economy. At present, Pakistan is facing highly unstable economic conditions.

Pakistan has to face many hurdles to maintain its economy, and when the economy gets stable, then the rate of currency will become high.

BHD and PKR:

As we know that the economy plays a prominent role in the rates of currency. The average rate of exchange of BHD to PKR is around 554.06319 PKR. In contrast, the rate of exchange of PKR to BHD is only 0.0018048483 BHD. It clearly shows that there's a significant difference between the Bahraini Dinar and Pakistani Rupees. 

Bahrain is well developed economically, but Pakistan is underdeveloped economically. Pakistan is facing many hardships trying to cope up with the issue of a bad economy. 

That is the reason the currency of Bahrain worths much higher than that of Pakistan. 

The status of currency can also be explained by some examples. Suppose an example of a water bottle that costs 0.13 BHD in Bahrain, which is equal to 72.0282147 PKR. It states that the randomly used kinds of stuff cost significantly less in Bahrain, that's the reason for its stable economy. But a water bottle in Pakistan costs 35 PKR, which is very high. It means that Bahrain has significantly cheaper prices of random things, but Pakistan has higher. 

A little amount of Bahraini Dinar will worths a higher amount of money in PKR, whereas a large amount of Pakistani Rupee will worth just a tiny amount in BHD. It is due to the great difference between the Bahraini Dinar and Pakistani Rupees.