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1 cop = 0.052458903 usd

1 cop = 0.05 usd
Your Conversion : 1 cop = 0.052458903 usd
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Colombia Pesos Pakistan Rupee

Updated: Aug 12 2022

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Today Colombia Pesos Rate to Pakistan Rupee (1 cop to usd) is 0.052458903 PKR, all prices are updated every hour to give you the best cop to usd conversion. This Colombia Pesos to Pakistan Rupee conversion is based on open market rates which are set by the currency exchange dealers of Pakistan. Easily find the 1 cop buying rate and selling rate in Pakistan. You can also convert all major currencies online.

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Last 30 days LAST 90 DAYS
High 0.0567 0.0567
Low 0.0449 0.0449
Average 0.0517 0.0509


Date Rate
12 Aug, 2022 0.05
11 Aug, 2022 0.05
10 Aug, 2022 0.05
9 Aug, 2022 0.05
8 Aug, 2022 0.05
7 Aug, 2022 0.05
6 Aug, 2022 0.05
5 Aug, 2022 0.05
4 Aug, 2022 0.06
3 Aug, 2022 0.06
2 Aug, 2022 0.06
1 Aug, 2022 0.06
31 Jul, 2022 0.06
30 Jul, 2022 0.05
29 Jul, 2022 0.05


The exchange rate of COP to PKR is around 0.052458903 Rupees. The exchange rates are not always fixed; rather, they are quite fluctuating. The main reason behind the fluctuation of any currency is the economic conditions of its country. Economies of the respective countries play an essential role in the exchange rates of currency between them. Here we will discuss the relation between COP and PKR.


The currency of Colombia is the COP. COP is the abbreviation of the Colombian Peso. So, the Peso is the official currency of Colombia. ‘’$’’ is the official symbol for Colombian Peso. In order to differentiate the Colombian Peso from other Pesos, it is written as COL$. COP is the ISO 4217 code of Colombian Peso.

The United States Dollar is considered one of the strongest currencies in the world. Since its the strongest currency, almost all the currencies are measured with the United States Dollar to make a fair comparison. The Colombian Peso, compared to the United States Dollar, is very weak. The 1 Colombian Peso is equal to 0.00023629533 United States Dollars.

Colombia has the fourth-largest economy in Latin America. Colombia’s main export item is petroleum. It makes up around 45% of the total export of Colombia.

The information technology industry of Colombia is one of the largest industries in the world. After Asia, the largest shipbuilding industries are in Colombia. In 2014 Colombia’s economy became the largest growing major economy in the western world. Worldwide only China was ahead of them.

The government of Colombia has shown a very keen interest in modifying its economy since the early 2010s. They have exported the pop culture of Colombia to the world. It included the export of video games, music, movies, TV shows, fashion, cosmetics, and food. Colombia is also very much ahead in terms of beauty and cosmetics exports.

Colombia has managed to gain the tourist’s attraction as well. It is noticed that there is an estimated increase of 12% of the total number of tourists every year. It is also expected that by 2023 Colombia would have approximately 15 million tourists each year. All this will definitely work well in favor of Colombia’s overall economy.


The currency of Pakistan is PKR. It is a short form of Pakistani Rupees. Rupees are used as the official currency in Pakistan. The economic state of Pakistan is very poor. Pakistan has many natural resources, but unfortunately, they have still struggled to maintain their economic state. Jim O’Neill, a British economist, has put Pakistan in the list of the Next Eleven countries with the largest economies in the 21st century. The list also includes the BRICS nations.

The currency of every country depends mainly on its economy. Because of the struggling economy of Pakistan, the Pakistani Rupee is seen to be falling with each passing day.

The weak currency also creates several other issues, such as poverty, inflation, poor salaries. Surprisingly there are some other nations with weaker currencies than Pakistan, including the Iranian Rial and Chile Peso.


The Pakistani Rupee is a much stronger currency than Colombia Peso. The rate of COP to PKR shows that 1 Colombian Peso is almost equal to PKR 0.052458903. However, this difference is decreasing steadily over the years. It means that the economic condition of Colombia is getting better at a faster rate than that of Pakistan.