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Ayat E Karima Benefits

Ayat E Karima Benefits

In the Holy Quran, the verse Ayat e Karima is considered one of the most important verses. However, this dua was recited by Younus (AS) when he was trapped in the stomach of a whale. When the Prophet Younus (AS) recited these words, Allah showed mercy upon him. The verse is full of good virtues.

There are millions of Muslims worldwide who recite Ayat e Karima. Its benefits cover a full range of life problems, from material difficulties to spiritual gains. It is not necessary to analyze the verse's origins, but we will examine the advantages of reciting it and making it a part of our daily life. 

 The following is the famous dua of Ayat e Karima and also is known as Tasbi E Yunus.

لَآ اِلٰهَ اِلَّآ اَنتَ سُبحٰنَکَ اِنِّی کُنتُ مِنَ الظَّالِمِینَ

Laa illaha illaa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minaz-zalimeen”

There is no god but You (O My Lord!). Glory be to You! Verily, I have been of the wrongdoers.

(جاری ہے)

In which Para and Surah is it?

Ayat e Karima is in the 17th Para of the Holy Quran and 87th verse of the Surah Anbiya. 

Surah Al- Anbiya verses 87 and 88 as follows: 

"And (remember) Zun-nun, when he left in wrath: He imagined that We had no power over him! But he cried through the depths of darkness; There is no God but thou: glory to thee: I was indeed wrong! So We listened to him: and delivered him from distress: and thus do We deliver those who have faith."

Benefit of Ayat e Karima

It is beneficial to read Ayat e Karima because it is virtuous and meaningful. There are several benefits of Ayat e Karima but here are some of the most important ones.


Tauheed is considered the most powerful act in Islam. Allah Almighty sent all messengers to spread the message of Tauheed throughout the world. The Kalmia e Tauheed can strengthen our faith and protect us from the sin of Shirk.

Tauheed opens the gates of Paradise for us to honor Allah is above and beyond everything else. This prayer grants us a blessed vision of Allah for all humanity; this is said to be the best of all prayers.

The first part of the Ayat-e-Kareema is 'La Ilaha IlAllah,' which means "There is no God but You" or "There is no one worthy of worship but You".

Glorification of Allah Almighty

Moreover, the second part of the Ayat e Karima is “Anta Subhanaka”, which means Glorified be You. When asking someone for help or assistance of any kind, that person is usually glorified for their qualities; thus, when asking Allah Almighty, it is important to emphasize that all the glory rests with Him and only He is glorified.

Mercy and pleasure of Allah

Its third part, ‘Inni kuntu Minazalimeen', means that I am one of the wrongdoers. It is crucial to use this phrase when seeking help from Allah Almighty. 

A person who recognizes himself as a wrongdoer recognizes the pain and hardship resulting from bad behavior for which Allah has punished them.

Thus, the recitation of Ayat e Karima is certain to increase the chance of acceptance of the prayer, and a person will be relieved from the troubles and worries.

Forgiveness for Sins

If we want our sins forgiven by Allah, then Allah's Ayat e Karima is probably the best blessing we have. There are serious sins such as Zina, disobedience to parents, robbery, and stealing, and others. Whatever our sins are, we should be grateful to Allah for offering such strong Ayat to forgive our bad deeds.


When Younus (AS) recited these verses, Allah forgave him and ordered the whale to eject him safely. We learned from Younus (AS) that Ayat e Kareema has the power not only to gain Allah’s happiness but also to solve our worldly problems.

Curing Life-Threatening Diseases

Ayat e Karima helps us to live a healthy life without disability and physical issues. It can cure life-threatening diseases such as heart problems, HIV, Cancer, and diabetes. All psychological problems like anxiety, stress, and depression are also curable by reciting this prayer daily.

Self-Improvement and Spiritual Protection

By reciting Ayat e Karima regularly, we can make our character and personality better and strong. People can resolve their social problems such as shyness, low self-esteem, and confidence, bravery, and decision-making ability.

There is a possible way of getting rid of the evil eye and black magic. However, all these issues are caused by evil intent and against God's will, so repentance is the only way out. If someone has initiated magic, then you must have strong faith in Allah Almighty and recite Ayat e Karima repeatedly. 

Successful financial life

Suppose someone is facing financial issues, then recite this prayer of the Holy Quran. It will resolve all problems related to money, and your overall Rizq will increase. If you have a strong belief in Ayat e Karima, it will surely help you find a new job easily and stabilize your financial life. 

How to Get Maximum Benefits

It is not enough to simply recite Ayat e Karima a few times and expect miracles to occur. It is better to build long-lasting success to ensure your success in this life and the next rather than desire a miracle overnight. 

It is easy to get distracted when we recite Ayat e Karima because we want results immediately. When we lose faith, Satan can enter and pull us away from success and repentance.

Many of us start a dua, wazifa, or practice, but then we give up after a couple of days. It will become a habitual mental pattern when you practice it again and again. So, if you want to get the most benefits, you must be consistent and punctual.


One of the most famous ayahs in the Quran is Ayat-e-Karima. It is recited by millions of Muslims worldwide as a prayer. 

So, if a Muslim wants relief from any distress or wants to get any benefits from the Almighty Allah, the recitation of Ayat e Karima constantly is one of the best methods to do so.

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