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Surah At-Tariq With Urdu Translation

Surah At-Tariq with Urdu Translation and English Translation. Listen to the Surah At-Tariq MP3 Audio Tilawat and download MP3 file and PDF. Surah At-Tariq is a Makki Surah, and is included in Para 30 of Quran al Qareem.

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Surah At-Tariq Tilawat with Urdu Translation

Recitation of Surah At-Tariq with English Translation

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

﴿1﴾ وَالسَّمَآءِ وَالطَّارِقِۙ‏

ترجمہ : آسمان اور رات کے وقت آنے والے کی قسم

By the heaven and the Morning Star

﴿2﴾ وَمَاۤ اَدۡرٰٮكَ مَا الطَّارِقُۙ‏

ترجمہ : اور تم کو کیا معلوم کہ رات کے وقت آنے والا کیا ہے

- Ah, what will tell thee what the Morning Star is!

﴿3﴾ النَّجۡمُ الثَّاقِبُۙ‏

ترجمہ : وہ تارا ہے چمکنے والا

- The piercing Star!

﴿4﴾ اِنۡ كُلُّ نَفۡسٍ لَّمَّا عَلَيۡهَا حَافِظٌؕ‏

ترجمہ : کہ کوئی متنفس نہیں جس پر نگہبان مقرر نہیں

No human soul but hath a guardian over it.

﴿5﴾ فَلۡيَنۡظُرِ الۡاِنۡسَانُ مِمَّ خُلِقَؕ‏

ترجمہ : تو انسان کو دیکھنا چاہئے کہ وہ کاہے سے پیدا ہوا ہے

So let man consider from what he is created.

﴿6﴾ خُلِقَ مِنۡ مَّآءٍ دَافِقٍۙ‏

ترجمہ : وہ اچھلتے ہوئے پانی سے پیدا ہوا ہے

He is created from a gushing fluid

﴿7﴾ يَّخۡرُجُ مِنۡۢ بَيۡنِ الصُّلۡبِ وَالتَّرَآٮِٕبِؕ‏

ترجمہ : جو پیٹھ اور سینے کے بیچ میں سے نکلتا ہے

That issued from between the loins and ribs.

﴿8﴾ اِنَّهٗ عَلٰى رَجۡعِهٖ لَقَادِرٌؕ‏

ترجمہ : بےشک خدا اس کے اعادے (یعنی پھر پیدا کرنے) پر قادر ہے

Lo! He verily is Able to return him (unto life)

﴿9﴾ يَوۡمَ تُبۡلَى السَّرَآٮِٕرُۙ‏

ترجمہ : جس دن دلوں کے بھید جانچے جائیں گے

On the day when hidden thoughts shall be searched out.

﴿10﴾ فَمَا لَهٗ مِنۡ قُوَّةٍ وَّلَا نَاصِرٍؕ‏

ترجمہ : تو انسان کی کچھ پیش نہ چل سکے گی اور نہ کوئی اس کا مددگار ہو گا

Then will he have no might nor any helper.

﴿11﴾ وَالسَّمَآءِ ذَاتِ الرَّجۡعِۙ‏

ترجمہ : آسمان کی قسم جو مینہ برساتا ہے

By the heaven which giveth the returning rain,

﴿12﴾ وَالۡاَرۡضِ ذَاتِ الصَّدۡعِۙ‏

ترجمہ : اور زمین کی قسم جو پھٹ جاتی ہے

And the earth which splitteth (with the growth of trees and plants)

﴿13﴾ اِنَّهٗ لَقَوۡلٌ فَصۡلٌۙ‏

ترجمہ : کہ یہ کلام (حق کو باطل سے) جدا کرنے والا ہے

Lo! this (Qur'an) is a conclusive word,

﴿14﴾ وَّمَا هُوَ بِالۡهَزۡلِؕ‏

ترجمہ : اور بیہودہ بات نہیں ہے

It is no pleasantry.

﴿15﴾ اِنَّهُمۡ يَكِيۡدُوۡنَ كَيۡدًاۙ‏

ترجمہ : یہ لوگ تو اپنی تدبیروں میں لگ رہے ہیں

Lo! they plot a plot (against thee, O Muhammad)

﴿16﴾ وَّاَكِيۡدُ كَيۡدًاۚ ۖ‏

ترجمہ : اور ہم اپنی تدبیر کر رہے ہیں

And I plot a plot (against them).

﴿17﴾ فَمَهِّلِ الۡكٰفِرِيۡنَ اَمۡهِلۡهُمۡ رُوَيۡدًا‏

ترجمہ : تو تم کافروں کو مہلت دو بس چند روز ہی مہلت دو

So give a respite to the disbelievers. Deal thou gently with them for a while.

This Surah is among the Meccan surahs, which mean “the night star”. It is on the 30th chapter of Holy Qur’an, consisting of 17 verses. In the Quranic order, it’s the 86th surah of Quran Majeed.

This surah is basically based on man’s revival and The Holy Qur'an and its value. After some deliberate pledges, it focuses on the presence of some celestial defenders of man. To make the likelihood of Resurrection, it alludes to the primary phase of man's life and his creation from a sperm-drop and afterwards, it makes an inference that the Creator, who can make him from such a small life-germ, can give life once more, to him. Further, it portrays the Resurrection and the uniqueness it has. At that point, it offers some significant vows to check the significance of the Holy Qur'an; lastly, it completes the Surah by referencing Allah's disciplines for the unbelievers so as to give warning to them. This Surah is considered to be the healer of pains.

Surah At-Tariq Benefits:

The subjects in this Surah are for the most part focused on two topics:

  • The day of Resurrection
  • The Holy Qur'an and it's worth

Toward the start, after some intelligent pledges, it focuses on the presence of some celestial protectors of man. There is a revelation from the Prophet (S.A.W.W) for the excellence of this Surah which says:

"For the individual who recites this Surah, Allah will remunerate this activity multiple times the number of stars in the sky."

There’s another narration by Imam Sadiq which states:

"Any person who recites Surah Tariq in his mandatory supplications will have a high position with Allah in the Hereafter, and will be the prophets ' dear companion and friend in Heaven."

Clearly, it is the substance of the Surah and acting in like manner which merits such incredible prizes; not just recitation but following the commanded action.

Surah Tariq Wazaif:

Wazifa for Menstrual Disorder (for women):

If your periods or monthly cycle isn't at customary interims or ceased or, on the off chance that somebody has zero periods. There are also some cases when periods show up past the point of no return on the schedule. This issue of the substantial period can likewise be fixed through this wazifa:

  • Begin with making a fresh ablution (Wuzu)
  • Recite Durood-e-Pak 11 times in the starting
  • Recite the verse “‏إِن كُلُّ نَفْسٍۢ لَّمَّا عَلَيْهَا حَافِظٌۭ ٢. ‏فَلْيَنظُرِ ٱلْإِنسَنُ مِمَّ خُلِقَ ٣. ‏خُلِقَ مِن مَّآءٍۢ دَافِقٍۢ ٤. ‏‏يَخْرُجُ مِنۢ بَيْنِ ٱلصُّلْبِ وَٱلتَّرَآئِبَِ
  • Recite the verse number 4 to 7 of Surah Tariq written above 31 times
  • Then recite Darood-e-Pak at the end again for 11 times.
  • Then blow it upon pure water and drink it.
  • Repeat this wazifa every day until your menses get normal.

Surah At-Tariq MP3 Format:

The value of Holy Qur’an is best explained by Allah Almighty himself as he revealed on his most beloved Prophet (S.A.W.W). If you want to listen to Surah At-Tariq you can find the Mp3 Format Audio here for free. Download the English and Urdu Translation of Surah At-Tariq in Mp3 Format and can listen to it online as well.

Surah Tariq Tafseer in Urdu and English:

The day of resurrection is the day when our deeds will be judged and we will be sent to either Jannah (Heaven) or Jahanum (Hell). To learn more about Surah Tariq, read the Tafseer here in Urdu and English.

Surah At-Tariq PDF Format:

UrduPoint presents the compact file of Surah At-Tariq which lets you recite it easily on your gadget. Read Surah At-Tariq here in pdf format file and download it for offline use. The pdf format of Surah At-Tariq Arabic Text is available, along with the translated pdf files of Surah At-Tariq in two languages: English and Urdu.

Surah Tariq Tilawat:

Surah At-Tariq is based on 17 verses only and holds a significance of stars on the sky. Perform the Tilawat of Surah Tariq or listen to it's here on UrduPoint.

Surah At-Tariq Translation in English:

The translated versions of any Surah are a little difficult to find but UrduPoint presents the English translation of Surah At-Tariq for its viewers to understand it and learn from the commands mentioned in it.

Surah At-Tariq Translation in Urdu:

Tariq is meant by the Morning Star and there are many terms which are supposed to be understood by the believer. Here you can read the Surah At-Tariq Urdu Translation for free and comprehend it.