Lala Musa Railway Station Time Table of Pakistan Railways Trains

Lala Musa Railway station is a very busy railway junction. Lala Musa station operates 27 trains across the country. The famous trains operated from the station are 102dn Subak Raftar, 103up Subak Kharam, 104dn Subak Kharam, 11up Hazara Express, 12dn Hazara Express, 135up Chenab Express, 136dn Chenab Express, 13up Awam Express and 14dn Awam Express. All these trains are managed by Pakistan Railways. Train timings, real time live status, time table, route and train numbers are given below.
Train Name Code Arrival Departure
101UP Subak Raftar

Lahore to Rawalpindi

101UP 09:08:00 09:10:00
102DN Subak Raftar

Rawalpindi to Lahore

102DN 09:37:00 09:39:00
103UP Subak Kharam

Lahore to Rawalpindi

103UP 18:45:00 18:47:00
104DN Subak Kharam

Rawalpindi to Lahore

104DN 19:23:00 19:25:00
11UP Hazara Express

Karachi City to Havelian

11UP 08:15:00 08:40:00
12DN Hazara Express

Havelian to Karachi City

12DN 20:25:00 20:50:00
135UP Chenab Express

Sargodha to Lala Musa

135UP 11:50:00
136DN Chenab Express

Lala Musa to Sargodha

136DN 15:15:00
13UP Awam Express

Karachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt

13UP 09:35:00 09:40:00
14DN Awam Express

Peshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt

14DN 15:07:00 15:09:00
17UP Millat Express

Karachi Cantt to Lala Musa

17UP 17:25:00
18DN Millat Express

Lala Musa to Karachi Cantt

18DN 09:15:00
1UP Khyber Mail

Karachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt

1UP 22:38:00 22:41:00
2DN Khyber Mail

Peshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt

2DN 04:38:00 04:40:00
39UP Jaffar Express

Quetta to Peshawar Cantt

39UP 11:24:00 11:26:00
40DN Jaffar Express

Peshawar Cantt to Quetta

40DN 13:11:00 13:13:00
45UP Pakistan Express

Karachi Cantt to Rawalpindi

45UP 12:11:00 12:13:00
46DN Pakistan Express

Rawalpindi to Karachi Cantt

46DN 08:38:00 08:40:00
47UP Rehman Baba Express

Karachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt

47UP 06:50:00 06:52:00
48DN Rehman Baba Express

Peshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt

48DN 16:59:00 17:01:00
7UP Tezgam

Karachi Cantt to Rawalpindi

7UP 15:30:00 15:32:00

Karachi City to Peshawar Cantt

81UP 15:46:00 16:10:00
82UP 2nd Eid Special

Quetta to Rawalpindi

82UP 15:55:00 15:57:00
8DN Tezgam

Rawalpindi to Karachi Cantt

8DN 10:47:00 10:52:00
91UP 3RD Eid Special

Karachi City to Rawalpindi

91UP 18:53:00 18:55:00

Quetta to Rawalpindi

93UP 11:53:00 11:55:00

Rawalpindi to Quetta

94DN 11:45:00 11:47:00
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