Christian Girl Names Starting With E

Christian Girls Names Starting with E - Find the unique and most popular baby biblical Girls Names Starting with E with meanings. UrduPoint provides updated Christian Girls Names Starting with Letter E for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Sr. Name Meaning Religion
1 Eadda Wealthy; successful English
2 Eadmund A form of edmunda English
3 Eadwine A form of edwina English
4 Earlene Noblewoman English
5 Earline nobleman, prince, warrior English
6 Earna Eagle English
7 Earnestine battle(tothedeath), seriousbusiness English
8 Earnestyna A form of ernestina English
9 Eartha Earthy English
10 Earwyn A form of erwina English
11 Earwyna A form of erwina English
12 Easter Easter time English
13 Eathelin Noble waterfall English
14 Eathelyn Noble waterfall English
15 Eavan beautiful, fairform English
16 Ebbony A dark beauty English
17 Ebonii A dark beauty English
18 Echo echo, re-sound English
19 Edain face English
20 Edana littlefire English
21 Edda rich battle English
22 Eddith Rich gift English
23 Edelburga Noble protector English
24 Edeline Noble; kind English
25 Edeva Expensive present English
26 Edie A familiar form of edith English
27 Edilburga Noble protector English
28 Edina Prosperous fort English
29 Edit rich battle English
30 Edith Rich gift English
31 Edithe rich battle English
32 Edlen Noble waterfall English
33 Edlyn Prosperous; noble English
34 Edmanda A form of edmunda English
35 Edmunda Prosperous protector English
36 Edna Pleasure, delight English
37 Edrea A short form of edrice, edrianna English
38 Edria Mighty English
39 Edrice Prosperous ruler English
40 Eduarda A form of edwardina English
41 Eduardo A form of edwardina English
42 Edwardina Prosperous quardian English
43 Edweena rich friend English
44 Edwena rich friend English
45 Edwina Prosperous friend English
46 Edwyna rich friend English
47 Edyta rich friend English
48 Edytha rich friend English
49 Edythe rich friend English
50 Effi WellI speak English
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