Christian Girl Names Starting With V

Christian Girls Names Starting with V - Find the unique and most popular baby biblical Girls Names Starting with V with meanings. UrduPoint provides updated Christian Girls Names Starting with Letter V for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Sr. Name Meaning Religion
1 Val healthy, strong English
2 Valarie To be healthy English
3 Valary tobehealthy, tobestrong English
4 Valentina Latin for brave; strong English
5 Valentinna One who is vigorous and healthy English
6 Valerie tobehealthy, tobestrong English
7 Valle From the glen English
8 Valorie To be healthy English
9 Vanessa Ph English
10 Vanetta A form of vanessa English
11 Vanida Graceful Lady English
12 Vanity Vain English
13 Vannah God is gracious English
14 Varda Rose English
15 Varina Thorn English
16 Veda knowledge wisdom English
17 Veera The brave English
18 Vega falling swooping English
19 Velma will-helmet English
20 Velvet Velvety English
21 Vena elffriend English
22 Vera Truth veronica - genuine image English
23 Verina tofear, torespect English
24 Verity truth, verity English
25 Veronnica Displaying her true image English
26 Verronica Displaying her true image English
27 Verthandi present English
28 Vesna Spring, resurrection English
29 Vianne alive animated lively English
30 Viatrix Voyager through life English
31 Vicki conqueror English
32 Vickie conqueror English
33 Vickii Variation: vicky English
34 Vickki Variation: vicky English
35 Victoria Victorious. English
36 Victorria Victorious woman ; winner ; conqueror English
37 Vidette The beloved English
38 Vikki Conqueror ; victory English
39 Viktoria Conqueror ; victory English
40 Vina beloved English
41 Viola violetcolor English
42 Violet violetcolor English
43 Violett Resembling the purplish- blue flower English
44 Violetta Resembling the purplish- blue flower English
45 Virgee maiden, virgin English
46 Virgie maiden, virgin English
47 Virginnia One who is chaste ; virginal English
48 Vivian alive animated lively English
49 Viviane Alive English
50 Viviann Lively woman English
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