Christian Girl Names Starting With F

Christian Girls Names Starting with F - Find the unique and most popular baby biblical Girls Names Starting with F with meanings. UrduPoint provides updated Christian Girls Names Starting with Letter F for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Sr. Name Meaning Religion
1 Fae Fairy English
2 Faina Happy English
3 Fairlee From a yellow meadow English
4 Faith Faith; confidence; belief English
5 Faithe faith English
6 Fanchon Free, whimsical English
7 Fancy Whimsical; decorative English
8 Fanni French English
9 Fanny From france English
10 Farah Beautiful; pleaant English
11 Faren Wanderer English
12 Farrah Beautiful; pleaant English
13 Farren Wanderer English
14 Fate Fate English
15 Fawn baby deer English
16 Fawna baby deer English
17 Fay A form of faye English
18 Faye A form of faith English
19 Fayre Fair; light haired English
20 Faythe A form of faith English
21 Fedelma hospitable English
22 Felberta Brilliant English
23 Felecia Happy English
24 Felice happy English
25 Felicia happy English
26 Felicity A form of felicia English
27 Felina cat-like English
28 Felisha Happy English
29 Fellicia Fortunate or happy English
30 Fenella white shoulder English
31 Fern Fern English
32 Ferne fern English
33 Fernley From the fern meadow English
34 Fifine Fifi he shall add English
35 Finella white shoulder English
36 Finola white shoulder English
37 Fiona vine English
38 Fionna One who is fair ; a white-shouldered woman English
39 Fionola white shoulder English
40 Fira Fiery English
41 Firoza Turquoise English
42 Flair Style; verve English
43 Fleta Swift, fast English
44 Flick happy English
45 Flicka happy English
46 Flo blossoming English
47 Floella blossoming/flower English
48 Flore flower English
49 Florence Flowering English
50 Florette little flower English
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