Christian Girl Names Starting With S

Christian Girls Names Starting with S - Find the unique and most popular baby biblical Girls Names Starting with S with meanings. UrduPoint provides updated Christian Girls Names Starting with Letter S for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Sr. Name Meaning Religion
1 Saara A princess ; lady English
2 Saarah A princess ; lady English
3 Saasha A helper and defender of mankind English
4 Sabella God is my oath English
5 Sable Sable; sleek English
6 Sabra Thorny cactus; to rest English
7 Sabreen A short form of sabreena English
8 Sabreena A form of sabrina English
9 Sabrena A form of sabrina English
10 Sabrina Princess English
11 Sabrinna A legendary princess English
12 Sabryna A form of sabrina English
13 Saddie A princess ; lady English
14 Sadee A princess ; lady English
15 Sadie Princess English
16 Sadiee A princess ; lady English
17 Saffie saffron(thespice) English
18 Safwet Pure English
19 Saharra Lord shiva English
20 Saige A form of sage English
21 Sakura Resembling a cherry blossom English
22 Salal Salalberryplant English
23 Saleena The moon English
24 Salena Moon English
25 Salette A form of sally English
26 Salina One of a solemn , dignified character English
27 Salli noblelady, princess English
28 Salliann A combination of sally & ann English
29 Sallie A form of sally English
30 Sally A familiar form of sarah English
31 Saloma Peace English
32 Salome Peace English
33 Samanntha One who listens well English
34 Samanta heard of God English
35 Samara Ruled by god English
36 Samarra Ruled by god English
37 Samiira Entertaining female companion English
38 Samirra Entertaining female companion English
39 Sammantha One who listens well English
40 Sammara Ruled by god English
41 Sammi heard of God English
42 Sammie heard of God English
43 Sammy heard of God English
44 Samuela Her name is god English
45 Sandie defender of mankind English
46 Sandy defender of mankind English
47 Sapphira Sapphire, Precious stone English
48 Sapphire Precious gem English
49 Sara Princess English
50 Saraa A princess ; lady English
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