Christian Girl Names Starting With Z

Christian Girls Names Starting with Z - Find the unique and most popular baby biblical Girls Names Starting with Z with meanings. UrduPoint provides updated Christian Girls Names Starting with Letter Z for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Sr. Name Meaning Religion
1 Zaara Dawn , princess English
2 Zacharee God is remembered English
3 Zahar Morning light English
4 Zaharra White-skinned / flowerlike English
5 Zahavah Golden English
6 Zaina A form of zanna English
7 Zakia Bright, pure English
8 Zambda Meditation English
9 Zana A form of zanna English
10 Zanaa White lily English
11 Zandra Defending men English
12 Zaneta God's gracious gift English
13 Zanna A short form of susanna English
14 Zara Dawn, princess English
15 Zarra Dawn , princess English
16 Zarrah The day's awakening English
17 Zarria Blossom English
18 Zavanna savannah English
19 Zavrina A form of sabrina English
20 Zaylee A heavenly woman English
21 Zayley Dry English
22 Zaylie Dry English
23 Zaza Movement, flowery English
24 Zeena Hospitable English
25 Zehava Golden English
26 Zelda gray battle maid English
27 Zeleen Sunshine English
28 Zelene Sunshine English
29 Zella Little marcus English
30 Zelma divine helmet English
31 Zemirah Song of joy English
32 Zena Life and zeus English
33 Zenna Hospitable English
34 Zenobia Child of zeus sinobia English
35 Zephrine Breeze English
36 Zerlinda Beautiful dawn English
37 Zeta Rose. linguistics English
38 Zevida Gift English
39 Zia To tremble, a kind of grain English
40 Ziba aplant English
41 Zibia a1gazelle English
42 Zibiah a1gazelle English
43 Zila Shadow zilpha - stately; noble English
44 Zilla shade, shadow English
45 Zillah shade, shadow English
46 Zimra Song of praise English
47 Zina Hospitable English
48 Zinnia Zinn's flower English
49 Ziona A sign English
50 Zipporah Little bird English
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