Christian Girl Names Starting With N

Christian Girls Names Starting with N - Find the unique and most popular baby biblical Girls Names Starting with N with meanings. UrduPoint provides updated Christian Girls Names Starting with Letter N for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Sr. Name Meaning Religion
1 Naadia One who is full of hope English
2 Naava Pleasant, beautiful English
3 Nadia hope English
4 Nadine hope English
5 Naiima Belonging to one English
6 Nakkia Pure , faithful English
7 Nallely I love you English
8 Nan A form of ann English
9 Nana favor grace English
10 Nanci A form of nancy English
11 Nancy God's flavour English
12 Nanette favor grace English
13 Nanna Graceful one English
14 Nannie favor grace English
15 Nanny favor grace English
16 Naomi Beautiful, pleasant, delightful English
17 Naomii Beautiful , pleasant , delightful English
18 Nara North English
19 Nasya Miracle English
20 Natalee Born at christmas English
21 Natalia Christ's birthday English
22 Natalie Christ's birthday English
23 Nataliee Refers to christ English
24 Natallia Refers to christ English
25 Natallie Refers to christ English
26 Natally Refers to christ English
27 Natalya Christ's birthday English
28 Natania Gift of god nathania - gift of the lord English
29 Natassha Refers to christ English
30 Nathalia Birthday of christ English
31 Nathalie Christ's birthday English
32 Nathally Birthday of christ English
33 Nathaly Birthday of christ English
34 Natie A familiar form of natalie English
35 Natille birthday, English
36 Natisha birthday, English
37 Nattalie Refers to christ English
38 Nattaly Refers to christ English
39 Nayely I love you English
40 Naysa Miracle of god English
41 Nedda Prosperous guardian English
42 Nediva Nobleand generous English
43 Nehushta brass English
44 Neile champion English
45 Neilina champion English
46 Nelda lives by the aldertrees English
47 Nell A short form of nellie English
48 Nella foreign theother English
49 Nelle foreign theother English
50 Nellie A familiar form of cornelia English
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