Christian Girl Names Starting With G

Christian Girls Names Starting with G - Find the unique and most popular baby biblical Girls Names Starting with G with meanings. UrduPoint provides updated Christian Girls Names Starting with Letter G for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Sr. Name Meaning Religion
1 Gabbie manofGod English
2 Gabbriel Heroine of god English
3 Gabbriella Heroine of god English
4 Gabby From the name gabrielle English
5 Gabi From the name gabriela English
6 Gable gable, English
7 Gabriela man of God English
8 Gabriella man of God English
9 Gabrielle Dedicated to god English
10 Gaby From the name gabrielle English
11 Gada Lucky English
12 Gadiel God is my fortune English
13 Gae happy English
14 Gage pledge, surety English
15 Gail Merry, lively English
16 Gaila father rejoices English
17 Gailine A form of gail English
18 Gaille Merry English
19 Gair spear English
20 Gale sea storm English
21 Gali Spring, fountain English
22 Galilea Sloping hills English
23 Galya God is redeemed gana - garden English
24 Ganya Garden of the lord English
25 Gardenia Botany: a sweet-melling flower English
26 Garyn Spear carrier English
27 Gavrila God is my strength English
28 Gaye happy English
29 Gayla A form of gail English
30 Gayle A form of gail English
31 Gaylee A foreigner / one who is cheerful English
32 Gaylia A form of gail English
33 Gayna A familiar form of guinevere English
34 Gayora Valley of sun English
35 Gazit Hewn stone English
36 Geena A well- born woman English
37 Gefen Vine English
38 Gelilah Rolling hills English
39 Gella One with golden hair genesis - origin English
40 Gembira Happy One English
41 Gemelle Twin English
42 Gena Woman English
43 Genee A well- born man English
44 Genesiss Origin English
45 Genessis Origin English
46 Genette God is gracious English
47 Geneva race of women English
48 Genia well born English
49 Genie well born English
50 Genista broom plant English
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