NA-47 Tribal Area, National Assembly Constituency

NA-47 is constituency of National Assembly of Pakistan. It is located in District Tribal Area, The Constituency had registered voters in 2018 general election, total votes were casted.
Complete election history of NA-47 is given below, including the candidates and political parties which have participated in the elections, general election results and bye-elections result, profiles of candidates is also given below which includes the history and contact details.

Elections in NA-47

Candidates in NA-47

Politician Name Party Affiliation
Abdullah Nangial Bhattani Independent
Abid Ur Rehman Independent
Ashfaq Ahmad Independent
Ashfaq Khan Bhattani Independent
Bakhta Khan Independent
Baz Gul Afridi Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Emal Khan Independent
Faqeer Zada Muhammad Nadar Shah Independent
Ghulam Ishaq Independent
Haji Rodyar Independent
Inam Ur Rehman Independent
Juma Khan Independent
Kamil Khan Independent
Kamran Khan Bhattani Independent
Khwaja Muhammad Mutahida Deeni Mahaz
Laiq Zada Independent
Malik Daud Khan Afridi Independent
Malik Noor Zaman Independent
Malik Roza Din Independent
Mufti Abdul Shakoor Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (F)
Muhabat Khan Sherani Independent
Muhammad Aslam Independent
Muhammad Iftikhar Zafar Independent
Muhammad Rasool Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan
Muhammad Sadaq Khan Independent
Nabi Gull Independent
Naqib Khan Independent
Naseer Khan Independent
Qaisar Jamal Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf
Rifat Ullah Independent
Saif Ur Rehman Independent
Shahab Ud Din Independent
Shahi Khan Awami National Party
Sher Azam Khan Independent
Zafar Baig Bhattani Independent
Zait Ullah Independent
Abdur Razzaaq Independent
Abid Rehman Independent
Ashfaq Khan Bhattani Independent
Doctor Nasim Afridi Independent
Haji Zafar Khan Afridi Independent
Javed Iqbal Independent
Malak Haji Baz Gul Khan Afridi Independent
Malik Noor Zaman Independent
Maulana Sher Samad Independent
Mohabat Khan Sherani Independent
Mohib Ullah Sherani Independent
Muhammad Azam Independent
Muhammad Sadiq Khan Sherani Independent
Musharaf Khan Independent
Noor Aslam Independent
Rehman Afridi Independent
Sardar Muhammad Nawaz Khan Independent
Shakirullah Sheirani Independent
Wahid Ullah Afridi Independent
Zafar Baig Bhattani Independent

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