Akhtar Ansari Poetry - Akhtar Ansari Shayari, Urdu Ghazal, Nazam Collection

Akhtar Ansari Poetry, Akhtar Ansari Shayari

1909 - 1988 Aligarh

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He was born on August 05, 1920. His complete name is Mohammad Ayyub Ansari and he chosed Akhtar as his pen name. He came to be known as Akhtar Ansari. He migrated to Pakistan after the Partition of India. The literary world recognizes him both as a poet and a journalist of merit. He edited Nasheman and Mashriq from Karachi and later, the well know literary journal called Nai Qadrein from Hyderaba. Akhtar Ansari published his poetry in collections entitled Kaif-e Nau, Naala Paband-e Nai, Jaam-e Nau, Dil-e Ruswa, and Lab-e Guftaar. His prose works are collected in Nazariyaat, Jamaal-e-Aagahi, Akbar Is Daur Mein, Firdaus-e Mughliya, Nigarishaat, Adabi Rabtey Lisaani Rishtey, Shabd-e Cheen, Shah Abdul Lateef: Hayaat aur Shairi.