Birthday Poetry - Happy Birthday Shayari Wishes in Urdu (Latest Collection)

Birthday Poetry, or birthday shayari is another splendid way of expressing joyful, happy, and loving emotions to your loved ones. This poetry is being widely used for transmitting the individual's inner feelings with your loved ones. They can be your brother, sister, father, mother, friends, husband, wife, and lovers. Although there are many ways to convey your feelings, wishing someone using birthday shayari is the most common and prevalent source. These birthday wishes in Urdu text can prove to be a sufficient medium in conveying your hearty emotions to someone you loved the most in the world. Best birthday wishes in Urdu writing can be found in the form of birthday shayari in Urdu pdf, funny birthday shayari in Urdu, and birthday poetry in Urdu text.


Aftab Shamsi - آفتاب شمسی


Aftab Shamsi Urdu Poetry

پھر وہی شب کے سرابوں کا چلن!

Akhtar Ziai - اختر ضیائی

Phir Wohi Shaab K Saraboon Ka Chalan

مجھے یقین تھا اک دن

Ch Muhammad Atif Arain - چوہدری محمد عاطف آرائیں

Mujhe Yaqeen Tha Aik Din

Ch Muhammad Atif Arain Urdu Poetry

یہ خلق جب طلب جاہ میں پڑی ہوئی تھی

Obaidurrahman Niyazi - عبیدالرحمن نیازی

Yeh Khlaq Jab Talab Jah Main Pari Hui Thi

Obaidurrahman Niyazi Urdu Poetry

دل سے منظور تری ہم نے قیادت نہیں کی

Majeed Akhtar - مجید اختر

Dil Se Manzoor Teri Hum Ne Qiyadat Nahi Ki

Majeed Akhtar Urdu Poetry

سِلسِلہ چلتا رہے گا

Professor Rasheed Hasrat - پروفیسر رشید حسرت

Silsala Chalta Rahe Ga

Professor Rasheed Hasrat Urdu Poetry

میں رنگ آسماں کر کے سنہری چھوڑ دیتا ہوں

Ahmad Kamal Parwazi - احمد کمال پروازی

Main Rang Asmaan Kar K Sunehri Chor Deta Hoon

Ahmad Kamal Parwazi Urdu Poetry

وہ آسماں کے درخشندہ راہیوں جیسا

Aftab Iqbal Shamim - آفتاب اقبال شمیم

Wo Asmaan K Darkashanda Rahiyon Jaisa

Aftab Iqbal Shamim Urdu Poetry

وہ شخص کیا ہے مرے واسطے سنائیں اسے

Abdullah Kamal - عبداللہ کمال

Wo Shakhas Kiya Hai Mere Waaste Sunain Usse

Abdullah Kamal Urdu Poetry

بے وفائی اس نے کی میری وفا اپنی جگہ

Abbas Dana - عباس دانا

Bewafai Uss Ne Ki Mere Wafa Apni Jagah

Abbas Dana Urdu Poetry

جو کھلی چمن میں نئی کلی تو وہ جشن صوت و صدا ہوا

Manzoor Hashmi - منظور ہاشمی

Ju Khuli Chaman Main Nayi Kali Tu Jashn Soot O Sada Hua

Manzoor Hashmi Urdu Poetry

ہر شخص میں یہ چرچا کہ لاچار کر دیا

Dr. AFTAB ARSHI - ڈاکٹر آفتاب عرشی

Har Shakhas Main Yeh Charcha K Lachar Kar Diya

Dr. AFTAB ARSHI Urdu Poetry

ہوا پر تیری نظمیں پڑھ کے پیہم پھونکتی تھی

Qandeel Badar - قندیل بدر

Hawa Per Teri Nazmain Phar K Pehem Phonkti Thi

Qandeel Badar Urdu Poetry

کیا ہوا دن میں جو کانٹوں پہ گذر ہوتا ہے

Junaid Akhter - جنید اختر

Kiya Hua Dini Main Ju Kantoon Pey Guzar Hota Hai

Junaid Akhter Urdu Poetry


Jameel Ur Rahman - جمیل الرحمان


Jameel Ur Rahman Urdu Poetry

ہنسی سے لذت _ گریہ ہی بہتر جانتا ہے

adeel shakir - عدیل شاکر

Hansi Se Lazat E Girya Hi Behter Janta Hai

Adeel Shakir Urdu Poetry

Birthday Poetry - Birthday is the single most jubilant day in our lives that we wish to have on a daily basis. This is a day when we receive warm wishes, gifts, and celebrations that lead to happiness and cheerful gatherings. 

There are many types or forms of birthday shayari  that we can use to send our emotions to those we care about. Funny birthday shayari in Urdu is liked by all as it cheers the one to whom you are sending these emotions and warm wishes. 

Furthermore, birthday wishes in Urdu text, birthday wishes in Urdu writing, birthday shayari  in Urdu pdf are other sources in which you can send your heartfelt emotions.

We have categorized the birthday poetry into the following segments for you.

  • Birthday Shayari in Urdu text
  • Birthday Shayari in Urdu SMS
  • Birthday poetry, or Birthday Shayari
  • Birthday Shayari in Urdu for sister
  • Birthday Shayari in Urdu for teacher
  • Birthday poetry in Urdu for brother
  • Sad birthday poetry in Urdu
  • Father birthday poetry in Urdu
  • Quaid e Azam birthday poetry in Urdu

Birthday Shayari in Urdu text:

Birthday poetry in Urdu text has substantial fan followings due to the nature of the content and the number of poetry available for this topic. There is so much content on the birthday poetry in Urdu for me as it best describes the event and the happenings of the day. 

During the day, everyone is happy and cheers for you because it is your birthday, and you have successfully surpassed another milestone of your life making it more fruitful as compared to your past.

Birthday Shayari in Urdu SMS:

Birthday poetry in Urdu SMS is another well-crafted format for everyone who wants to share their inner feelings and love with their siblings, father, mother, friends, and loved ones. 

There are a lot of options available from where you can share this birthday poetry with anyone with just a single click.

Furthermore, Urdu Point has brought you the facility to forward any of this birthday Shayari you deem perfect for sending to your loved ones.

Birthday poetry or birthday shayari:

Birthday Shayari in Urdu SMS for friend, father, mother, husband, and wife is the single most convenient method of sharing love and emotions with your most valuable family members in your life. 

This poetry is available in 2 lines poetry as well as in 4 lines poetry. Birthday Shayari in Urdu funny messages is also prevalent among friends and lovers as they share their feelings using funny content to make their day.

Birthday Shayari in Urdu for sister:

This is another sub section that brings you the best birthday Shayari in Urdu for your sister. This type of poetry allows the readers and viewer to share some of the best birthday Shayari in Urdu when it comes to sharing it with your sister.

Sharing your love with your sister is the best part of a mans or woman's life. As there is no more true love other than the love of your siblings.  

This birthday Shayari is from the well-renowned poets who share their love, emotions, and attachments to their sisters.

Birthday poetry in Urdu for teacher:

Now you can share your respect, affection, and attachment with your teachers in the form of Best birthdayShayari in Urdu for teachers.

Here in this section, you will come to know the best respectful poetry when it comes to wishing your most loved and respected teacher.

Birthday poetry in Urdu for brother:

Here in this section, we bring you the best birthday poetry in Urdu for brothers. Now you can share birthday wishes with your brother with the help of the best birthday Shayari. 

There are funny and birthday quotes, verses available for you to share your inner feelings with the man who stood by you through thick and thin.

Sad birthday poetry in Urdu:

Birthday poetry in Urdu text is also available in the form of Sad birthday poetry in Urdu is for those who have left us. This sad birthday Shayari in Urdu is a perfect source for tributing someone to whom you have loved so much in your life, and he or she is no more in this world.

Father birthday poetry in Urdu:

Father birthday poetry in Urdu is yet another perfect source for wishing your father birthday wishes. And what a great way to share your feelings, love and emotions with your father rather than sharing them with the help of some of the best birthday Shayari.

Quaid e Azam birthday poetry in Urdu:

Quaid e Azam birthday poetry in Urdu allows us to share our respect, gratitude, and love towards the father of the nation. With this best birthdayShayari in Urdu now, you can share your feelings for Quaid e Azam who single-handedly created one of the best countries in the world for all the Muslims living in the subcontinent.