New Urdu Poets List - List of Emerging Urdu Poets

New Urdu Poets List - UrduPoint has compiled a list of all new Urdu poets. There's no doubt that this section of UrduPoint has the most up-to-date list of new Urdu poets. Among the list of poets, we find poets from the modern generation, the best new poets, as well as contemporary poets. These new shayar have got a tremendous amount of fan following. Furthermore, the fans who are interested in letting themselves be updated by the emerging new poets and their poetry needs to come here.

نئے شعراء

Tabinda Sahar Abidi Shayari

تابندہ سحر عابدی

Tabinda Sahar Abidi

Tabinda Masood Shayari

تابندہ مسعود

Tabinda Masood

Tabeeb Arvi Shayari

طبیب آروی

Tabeeb Arvi

Tabassum Zia Shayari

تبسم ضیا

Tabassum Zia

Tabassum Siddiqui Shayari

تبسم صدیقی

Tabassum Siddiqui

Tabassum Rizvi Shayari

تبسم رضوی

Tabassum Rizvi

Tabassum Naz Shayari

تبسیم ناز

Tabassum Naz

Tabassum Fatma Shayari

تبسم فاطمہ

Tabassum Fatma

Tabassum Azmi Shayari

تبسم اعظمی

Tabassum Azmi

Tab Aslam Shayari

تاب اسلم

Tab Aslam

Taashshuq Lakhnavi Shayari

تعشق لکھنوی

Taashshuq Lakhnavi

T N Raaz Shayari

ٹی این راز

T N Raaz

Syeda Ziya Khalida Shayari

سیدہ خالدہ ضیا

Syeda Ziya Khalida

Syeda Shan E Meraj Shayari

سیدہ شانِ معراج

Syeda Shan E Meraj

Syeda Nafis Bano Shama Shayari

سیدہ نفیس بانو شمع

Syeda Nafis Bano Shama

Syeda Kauzar Munawar Sharqpuri Shayari

سیدہ کوثر منور شرقپوری

Syeda Kauzar Munawar Sharqpuri

Syeda Farhat Shayari

سیدہ فرحت

Syeda Farhat

Syeda Akhtar Shayari

سیدہ اختر

Syeda Akhtar

Syed Zamin Abbas Kazmi Shayari

سید ضامن عباس کاظمی

Syed Zamin Abbas Kazmi

Syed Zameer Jafri Shayari

سید ضمیر جعفری

Syed Zameer Jafri

Syed Zahiruddin Zaheer Shayari

سید ظہیر الدین ظہیر

Syed Zahiruddin Zaheer

Syed Zaheer Ahmad Zaidi Shayari

سید ظہیر احمد زیدی

Syed Zaheer Ahmad Zaidi

Syed Zafar Kashipuri Shayari

سید ظفر کاشی پوری

Syed Zafar Kashipuri

Syed Yusuf Ali Khan Nazim Shayari

سید یوسف علی خاں ناظم

Syed Yusuf Ali Khan Nazim

Syed Yunus Ejaz Shayari

سید یونس اعجاز

Syed Yunus Ejaz

Syed Yunus Shayari

سید یونس

Syed Yunus

Syed Wasif Hasan Shayari

سید واصف حسن

Syed Wasif Hasan

Syed Wajid Ali Farrukh Banarsi Shayari

سید واجد علی فرخ بنارسی

Syed Wajid Ali Farrukh Banarsi

Syed Wahidudeen Salim Shayari

سید وحیدالدین سلیم

Syed Wahidudeen Salim

Syed Tayyab Wasti Shayari

سید طیب واسطی

Syed Tayyab Wasti

Syed Taslim Haider Qamar Shayari

سید تسلیم حیدر قمر

Syed Taslim Haider Qamar

Syed Tamjeed Haider Tamjeed Shayari

سید تمجید حیدر تمجید

Syed Tamjeed Haider Tamjeed

Syed Tahir Husain Tahir Shayari

سید طاہر حسین طاہر

Syed Tahir Husain Tahir

Syed Siddiq Hasan Shayari

سید صدیق حسن

Syed Siddiq Hasan

Syed Shiban Qadri Shayari

سید شیبان قادری

Syed Shiban Qadri

Syed Shameem Rajaz Shayari

سید شمیم رجز

Syed Shameem Rajaz

Syed Shakeel Desnavi Shayari

سید شکیل دسنوی

Syed Shakeel Desnavi

Syed Shafaq Shah Chishti Shayari

سید شفق شاہ چشتی

Syed Shafaq Shah Chishti

Syed Salman Gilani Shayari

سید سلمان گیلانی

Syed Salman Gilani

Syed Sajjad Shayari

سید سجاد

Syed Sajjad

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