New Urdu Poets List - List of Emerging Urdu Poets

New Urdu Poets List - UrduPoint has compiled a list of all new Urdu poets. There's no doubt that this section of UrduPoint has the most up-to-date list of new Urdu poets. Among the list of poets, we find poets from the modern generation, the best new poets, as well as contemporary poets. These new shayar have got a tremendous amount of fan following. Furthermore, the fans who are interested in letting themselves be updated by the emerging new poets and their poetry needs to come here.

نئے شعراء

Ummeed Amethvi Shayari

امید امیٹھوی

Ummeed Amethvi

Umar Quraishi Shayari

عمر قریشی

Umar Quraishi

Umar Khaleeq Azmi Shayari

عمر خلیق اعظمی

Umar Khaleeq Azmi

Umar Farooq Shayari

عمر فاروق

Umar Farooq

Umar Farhat Shayari

عمر فرحت

Umar Farhat

Umar Aurangabadi Shayari

عمر اورنگ آبادی

Umar Aurangabadi

Umar Ansari Shayari

عمر انصاری

Umar Ansari

Umang Bali Shayari

امنگ بالی

Umang Bali

Umair Manzar Shayari

عمیر منظر

Umair Manzar

Uma Shankar Shadan Gwaliori Shayari

اما شنکر شاداں گوالیاری

Uma Shankar Shadan Gwaliori

Uma Shankar Chitravanshi Bazal Shayari

اوما شنکر چترونشی بازل

Uma Shankar Chitravanshi Bazal

Ujjawal Vashishtha Shayari

اجول وششٹھا

Ujjawal Vashishtha

Ujagar Warsi Shayari

اجاگر وارثی

Ujagar Warsi

Ufuq Lakhnavi Shayari

افق لکھنوی

Ufuq Lakhnavi

Ufuq Dehlvi Shayari

افق دہلوی

Ufuq Dehlvi

Uddhav Mahajan Bismil Shayari

ادھو مہاجن بسمل

Uddhav Mahajan Bismil

Uday Jhanjhani Shayari

ادے جھانجھنی

Uday Jhanjhani

Uday Bansal Shayari

ادے بنسل

Uday Bansal

Ubaid Najibabadi Shayari

عبید نجیب آبادی

Ubaid Najibabadi

Turfa Qureshi Shayari

طرفہ قریشی

Turfa Qureshi

Turab Akhtar Naqvi Shayari

تراب اختر نقوی

Turab Akhtar Naqvi

Tufail Hoshiarpuri Shayari

طفیل ہوشیارپوری

Tufail Hoshiarpuri

Tufail Dara Shayari

طفیل دارا

Tufail Dara

Tufail Chaturvedi Shayari

طفیل چترویدی

Tufail Chaturvedi

Tufail Bismil Shayari

طفیل بسمل

Tufail Bismil

Tufail Amir Shayari

طفیل عامر

Tufail Amir

Tufail Ahmad Madni Shayari

طفیل احمد مدنی

Tufail Ahmad Madni

Tufail Ahmad Jamali Shayari

طفیل احمد جمالی

Tufail Ahmad Jamali

Tripurari Shayari

تری پراری


Tousief Tabish Shayari

توصیف تابش

Tousief Tabish

Tk Singh Kashif Shayari

ٹی کے سنگھ کاشف

Tk Singh Kashif

Tishna Bilgrami Shayari

تشنہ بلگرامی

Tishna Bilgrami

Tishna Barelvi Shayari

تشنہ بریلوی

Tishna Barelvi

Tilak Raj Paras Shayari

تلک راج پارس

Tilak Raj Paras

Tika Ram Sukhan Shayari

ٹیکا رام سخن

Tika Ram Sukhan

Tifl Dara Shayari

طفل دارا

Tifl Dara

Tehseen Munawar Shayari

تحسین منور

Tehseen Munawar

Tazeen Raaz Shayari

تزئین راز

Tazeen Raaz

Tauseef Ahmad Shayari

توصیف احمد

Tauseef Ahmad

Tauqeer Zaidi Shayari

توقیر زیدی

Tauqeer Zaidi

New Urdu Poets List

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