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شریف کنجاہی - Sharif Kunjahi

Poetry of Sharif Kunjahi, Urdu Shayari of Sharif Kunjahi

شریف کنجاہی کی شاعری

گل زار میں وہ رت بھی کبھی آ کے رہے گی

Gull E Zar Mein Wo Rut Bhi Kabhi Aake Rahe Gi

(Sharif Kunjahi) شریف کنجاہی

کتنے نازک کتنے خوش گل پھولوں سے خوش رنگ پیالے

Kitne Nazuk Kitne Khush Gul Pholon Se Khush Rang Piyale

(Sharif Kunjahi) شریف کنجاہی

فضائے صحن گلستاں ہے سوگوار ابھی

Fiza E Sehan Gulistaan Hai Sogwar Abhi

(Sharif Kunjahi) شریف کنجاہی

جو اپنے سر پہ سر شاخ آشیاں گزری

Jo Apne Sar Pe Sar Shakh Ashiyaan Guzri

(Sharif Kunjahi) شریف کنجاہی

تلاش جن کی ہے وہ دن ضرور آئیں گے

Talash Jin Ki Hai Wo Din Zaror Aayen Ge

(Sharif Kunjahi) شریف کنجاہی

دھڑکنیں بند تکلف سے ذرا آزاد کر

Dhadkanen Band Takaluf Se Zara Aazad Kar

(Sharif Kunjahi) شریف کنجاہی

اب کسی شاخ پہ ہلتا نہیں پتہ کوئی

Ab Kisi Shakh Pe Halta Nahi Pata Koi

(Sharif Kunjahi) شریف کنجاہی

تو سمجھتا ہے تو خود تیری نظر گہری نہیں

Tu Samajhta Hai To Khud Teri Nazar Gehri Nahi

(Sharif Kunjahi) شریف کنجاہی

Shareef Kunjahi (1914–2007) was a leading writer and poet of Punjabi. He was among the first faculty members of the Department of Punjabi Language at University of Punjab in the 1970s and contributed to Punjabi literature as a poet, prose writer, teacher, research scholar, linguist, lexicographer and translator.

Shareef was born in 13 May 1914 in Kunjah, a small town of Gujrat District in Punjab. His father was a school teacher. Shareef completed his matriculation in 1930 from a school in Kunjah and higher secondary in 1933 from Government Intermediate College, Jehlum. By that time he had started writing poetry and was known as a progressive writer sympathetic to Indian National Congress. This affiliation became a hindrance for him to get police clearance for entry level jobs in the government service. After getting fired from

In 1943, he completed his Munshi Fazal and BA from Punjab University as a private student and later completed teacher’s training from Lahore. He then continued teaching at various schools until he obtained the degree of MA Urdu in 1954, and of MA Persian in 1956. In 1959, he was hired as lecturer in Persian language at Government College, Campbalpur. He was transferred to Government College Jehlum from where he retired in 1973. From 1973 to 1980, he taught at the newly established Punjabi Department at the Punjab University Lahore.

He died on 20 January 2007 and was interred in the compound of Ghanimat Kunjahi’s mazar in Kunjah, Gujrat District, Pakistan

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