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Muhammad Hayat aka tanveer sipara was born in 1932 in district Jhelum. He was popularly known as Tanveer Sipra, which later became his pen name. Tanveer Sipra was an Urdu poet from Jhelum in the 1970s. He was a supporter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's Islamic Socialism. Professionally, Sipra was a poor Oil Man working in Pakistan Tobacco Company, Jhelum. He wrote لفظکھردرے Lafz Khurdary. He was not from a well off family so he started working as a laborer after his school education at a very early age. After partition he moved to Pakistan and continued doing the same work for ten years in Karachi. After that he started a general store, which he ran for two years in Jhelum. In 1959 he joined a tobacco company in Jhelum. Lafz Jhurdure is the collection of his poetry. He passed away on 13 December 1993 in Islamabad.

Urdu Poetry & Shayari of Tanveer Sipra. Read Nazams, Ghazals, Sad Poetry, Social Poetry of Tanveer Sipra, Nazams, Ghazals, Sad Poetry, Social Poetry and much more. There is 1 book of the poet published on UrduPoint, including Mix Poetry Collection by Tanveer Sipra. Read poetry from the books. There are total 7 Urdu Poetry collection of Tanveer Sipra published online.