Akif Ghani Urdu Marsiya Shayari for Hazrat Imam Hussain

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Akif Ghani Urdu Marsiyas Poetry - Read best collection Akif Ghani Urdu Marsiya shayari latest and updated at UrduPoint. Find here famous Urdu Marsiya for Muharram and Waqia-e-Karbala by Akif Ghani here. Read Akif Ghani Marsiya poetry in Urdu, you will surely like it.

Akif Ghani Urdu Marsiyas Poetry

Urdu Marsiya is a famous form of Urdu Religious poetry that mostly relates to the incident of Karbala. You can read here a vast collection of Urdu Marsiaya by well-known Marsiya Nigar Akif Ghani. Here UrduPoint has an updated and latest collection of Urdu Marsiya of all times by Akif Ghani. Read your favorite Urdu Marsiya; you will surely like this collection.

Urdu Marsiya is a kind of Urdu poetry and is also considered an elegiac poem of mourning. It is mostly written when someone really close to your heart dies. Akif Ghani Urdu Marsiyas Poetry collection has great importance in Urdu literature.

The incident of Karbala is about the thirst of the Muslims, the pain they had when they lost their loved ones, and all the description of the Karbala is heart-wrenching. Akif Ghani is influenced by this incident and wrote many Marsiyas on the martyrdom of Imam Hussain.

Marsiya is derived from an Arabic word. The meaning of Marsiya is a big or great tragedy and expressing sorrow for someone dead. Another meaning of Marsiya is the lamentation for a departed soul. All the Urdu Marsiyas in the following list of Akif Ghani Urdu Marsiya Shayari are religious and written as the poem of mourning. Akif Ghani Marsiya in Urdu expresses the religious and spiritual sentiments in the fight of Karbala.

There are two kinds of Urdu Marsiyas.

  • Riwaiti Marsiya
  • Shaksi Marsiya

Riwaiti Marsiya

Riwaiti Marsiya is written in honor of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, his family, and his close friends in the Karbala. You can read Akif Ghani Rawayati Marsiya at UrduPoint.

Shaksi Marsiya

Shaksi Marsiya is written by a friend, colleague, follower, loved one for some person's death who was very close to their heart. You can read Akif Ghani Shaksi Marsiya at UrduPoint.