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دلاور فگار کی شاعری

تری والدہ کوئی اور ہے

Na Mera Makaan Hi Badal Gaya Na Tera Pata Koi Aur Hai

(Dilawar Figar) دلاور فگار

نہ مرا مکاں ہی بدل گیا نہ ترا پتہ کوئی اور ہے

Na Mera Makaan Hi Badal Gaya Na Tera Pata Koi Aur Hai

(Dilawar Figar) دلاور فگار

کل اک ادیب و شاعر ہ ناقد ملے ہمیں

Kal Ek Adeeb O Shaair O Naqid Mile Humen

(Dilawar Figar) دلاور فگار

میں نے کہا کہ شہر کے حق میں دعا کرو

Main Ne Kaha Ke Shehar Ke Haq Mein Dua Karo

(Dilawar Figar) دلاور فگار

کل چودھویں کی رات تھی آباد تھا کمرہ ترا

Kal Chaudhvi Ki Raat Thi Abaad Tha Kamrah Tere

(Dilawar Figar) دلاور فگار

His complete name is Dilawar Hussain. He was born on July 8, 1929 in BadayunUttar PradeshBritish India. He got his early education in his hometown, and afterwards he joined Agra University where he received his M.A. degree. He also did his M.A. in (English) and M.A. in (Economics). Dilawar Figar associated himself with the teaching profession.

 He was a noted humoristpoet and scholar of Pakistan. He was known as Shehansha-e-Zarafat (King of humor) and Akbar-e-Sani for his humor. He migrated to Pakistan from India in 1968 and settled in Karachi. He joined Abdullah Haroon College as a teacher, where the renowned poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz was the principal at that time. Figar taught Urdu literature there. He also worked for Karachi Development Authority as an Assistant Director-Town Planning. He died in Karachi at age 68 on January 25, 1998. Some of his writings are:

  • Mein Vote Kis Ko Doon ?- This witty poem became very popular during the 1970 General Elections in Pakistan[1]
  • Haadisay (collections of Ghazals)
  • Sitam Zarifiañ (collections of humor poetry)
  • Shamat-e-Aamaal (collections of humor poetry)[3]
  • Aadaab Arz (collections of humor poetry)
  • Assar-e-Nau (collections of humor)
  • Unglian Figar Apni (collections of humor poetry)[3]
  • Matla Arz Hai (collections of humor poetry)
  • Century (collections of humor poetry)
  • Khuda Jhoot Na Bulwa'ay (collections of humor poetry)[3]
  • Chiragh-e-Khandañ (collections of humor poetry)

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