Shah Hussain Poetry, Shah Hussain Shayari

شاہ حسین - Shah Hussain

2021 - 1599 لاہور

Poetry of Shah Hussain, Urdu Shayari of Shah Hussain

شاہ حسین کی شاعری

سجن بن راتاں ہوئیاں وڈیاں

Sajan Bin Raatan Hoiyan Wadiyan

(Shah Hussain) شاہ حسین

ربا میرے حال دا محرم توں

Rabba Mere Haal Da Muharram Tu

(Shah Hussain) شاہ حسین

نی مائے مینوں کھیڑیاں دی گل نہ آکھ

Ni Maye Manu Khidya Di Gal Naa Aakh

(Shah Hussain) شاہ حسین

میں وی جھوک رانجھن دی جانا نال مرے کوئی چلے

Main Vi Jhok Ranjhan Di Jana Naal Mere Koi Chale

(Shah Hussain) شاہ حسین

ماہی ماہی کوکدی میں آپے رانجھن ہوئی

Mahi Mahi Kook Di Main Apne Ranjhan Hoe

(Shah Hussain) شاہ حسین

لکھی لوح قلم مائے موڑ جے سکنی ایں موڑ

Likhi Lauh E Qalam Maye Mod Je Sakni Ay Mod

(Shah Hussain) شاہ حسین

جگ میں کیون تھوڑا کون کرے جنجال

Jag Me Jeevan Thoda Kaun Kare Janjal

(Shah Hussain) شاہ حسین

Shah Hussain was in 1538 in Lahore. He belongs to Dhudhi chan of Rajputs. He is also known as Shah Hussain Faqir. Faqir is his pen name. He is a Punjabi Poet. He was a sufi personality. Hussain's poetry consists entirely of short poems known as Kafis. Many of his Kafis are part of the traditional Qawwali repertoire. His poems have been performed as songs by Kaavish, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Parveen, Ghulam Ali, Hamid Ali Bela, Amjad Parvez, Junoon and Noor Jehan, among others. He was died in 1599. His tomb and shrine is located at the Baghbanpura, adjacent to the Shalimar Gardens Lahore. His Urs (annual death anniversary) is celebrated at his shrine every year during the "Mela Chiraghan" ("Festival of Lights").

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