Ahsas Adal

احساسِ عدل

جیسے پانی کی روانی پہ کنول زندہ ہے

نیتِ شوق سے منشورِ عمل زندہ ہے

اس تمدن کی روایات نہیں مر سکتیں

جس کے افراد میں احساسِ عدل زندہ ہے

عباس خلش

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Urdu Nazam Poetry of Abbas Khalish, Ahsas Adal in Urdu. This famous Urdu Shayari is a Qataat, and the type of this Nazam is Social Urdu Poetry. Also there are 102 Urdu poetry collection of the poet published on the site. The average rating for this Urdu Shayari by our users is 4.4 out of 5 stars. Read the Social poetry online by the poet. You can also read Best Urdu Nazam and Top Urdu Ghazal of Abbas Khalish.