Ain Tabish Poetry - Ain Tabish Shayari, Urdu Ghazal, Nazam Collection

Ain Tabish Poetry, Ain Tabish Shayari

1958 Sasaram

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Ainul Haque was his real name. He was born on 26th Dec 1958 at Sasaram Bihar. He is working as Associate Professor and H.O.D English For M.G.College, Gaya Bihar. He started writing when the modern poetry was at its peak yet his writing is more inclined to the classical poetry. Some of his important books are 'Us Khusbu ka Yeh Qissa Hai', 'Raat ke Aakhir Hote Hote', 'Aadmi udas hai','Ashk Asa Ne Nahar Nikali','Dasht Ajal Hairani Ka'.