Poetry of Haider Gilani, Urdu Shayari of Haider Gilani

حیدر گیلانی کی شاعری

سلاخ بن کے مرے دل کے آرپارہوا

Sulakh Ban K Mere Dil K Arpar Hua

(Haider Gilani) حیدر گیلانی



(Haider Gilani) حیدر گیلانی

نقش بن کر سرآءینہ بگڑ جاتا ہے

Naqsh Ban Kar Sar E Aaina

(Haider Gilani) حیدر گیلانی

میری آنکھوں ہی میں لکھا نصیبہ میرا

Mere Ankhoon Hi Mainlikha Hai Naseeba Mera

(Haider Gilani) حیدر گیلانی

جزوفا کیا ہے اثاثہ میرا

Juz Wafa Kiya Hai Asasa Mera

(Haider Gilani) حیدر گیلانی

برسر راہگزر سوچ رہا ہوں تنہا

Barsare Rahguzar Soch Raha Hoon Tanha

(Haider Gilani) حیدر گیلانی

Ali Haider Gilani is also known by the name of Ali Haider Multani. Ali Haider (1690-1785), is also known as Punjabi Sufi poet and was born in village Chountra, tehsil Pir Mahal district Toba Tek SinghPunjab in the year (1690).  Some traditions say that he spent his most of life in that village where he was born. He died in the year 1785 at the age of ninety-five. Ali Haider was a Gilani Syed and an intellectual of Arabic and Persian. Most of credit of his work goes to his great achievements. During the disturbed and troublous times following the death of Aurangzeb, his spiritualist poetry helped in maintaining mental balance of the people and brought much needed soothe and relief to the peasantry in and around Multan.

He was a complete Sufi. He has worked in Arabic and Persian and he always tried to use their vocabulary in his Punjabi lines of poetry. According to him, the Sufi in real life nourishes pain and tears of love while in search of union with the Divine Beloved.

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