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نوح ناروی - Nooh Narvi

Poetry of Nooh Narvi, Urdu Shayari of Nooh Narvi

نوح ناروی کی شاعری

ہم عشق میں ان مکاروں کے بے فائدہ جلتے بھنتے ہیں

Hum Ishq Mein Un Makkaron Ke Be Faida Jaltay Bhunte Hain

(Nooh Narvi) نوح ناروی

دل ستانی دل ربائی پر گھمنڈ

Dil Satani Dil Rubai Par Ghamand

(Nooh Narvi) نوح ناروی

محبت کا اچھا نتیجہ نہ دیکھا

Muhabbat Ka Acha Nateeja Nah Dekha

(Nooh Narvi) نوح ناروی

آپ جن کے قریب ہوتے ہیں

Aap Jin Ke Qareeb Hote Hain

(Nooh Narvi) نوح ناروی

آپ کا دل کیا مرے دل سے ملا

Aap Ka Dil Mere Dil Se Mila

(Nooh Narvi) نوح ناروی

بطور یادگار زہد مے خانے میں رکھ دینا

Bator Yadgar Zehad May Khane Mein Rakh Dena

(Nooh Narvi) نوح ناروی

تاب نہیں، سکوں نہیں، دل نہیں اب جگر نہیں

Tab Nahi Sakoon Nahi Dil Nahi Ab Jigar Nahi

(Nooh Narvi) نوح ناروی

Nuh Narwi was born Mohammad Nuh on 18 September 1878. He was born in district Rae Bareilly in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He got his early education at home. Later, he learnt Arabic and Persian from Mir Najaf Ali and acquired a level of excellence in these languages. He is one of those poets who used his pen name in a creative manner in his poetry. This is also reflected in the titles of his collections Safeena-i-Nuh, Toofan-e-Nuh, and Aijaz-e-Nuh. His poetry also draws upon the themes of disaster and its impact.

His love poetry opens up fresh avenues and acquires its individual appeal among his readers.  


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