Afzal Ahmed Syed Poetry - Afzal Ahmed Syed Shayari, Urdu Ghazal, Nazam Collection

Afzal Ahmed Syed Poetry, Afzal Ahmed Syed Shayari

1946 Ghazipur

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Afzal Ahmad Syed is an Urdu poet and translator. He is very famous for his significance in classical as well as modern Urdu poetry. He is the author of the modern nazm collections (An Arrogated Past, 1984), (Death Sentence in Two Languages, 1990), and (Rococo and Other Worlds, 2000). Another collection of classical ghazals is titled خيمہُ سياہ (The Dark Pavilion, 1988). His work has been widely published in leading Urdu literary periodicals such as ShabkhoonAaj, and Dunyazad.