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Poetry of Basir Kazmi, Urdu Shayari of Basir Kazmi

باصر کاظمی کی شاعری

ویرانوں میں اے جگنو

Veranoon Main Ee Jugnoo

(Basir kazmi) باصر کاظمی

تجھ کو دیکھ رہا ہوں میں

Tujh Ko Dekh Raha Hoon Main

(Basir kazmi) باصر کاظمی

تھا جو کبھی اک شوق فضول

Tha Ju Kabhi Aik Shoq E Fazool

(Basir kazmi) باصر کاظمی

قرا ر پاتے ہیں آخر ہم اپنی اپنی جگہ

Qarar Patte Hain Akhir Hum

(Basir kazmi) باصر کاظمی

کتنا کام کریں گے

Kitna Kaam Kareen Ge

(Basir kazmi) باصر کاظمی

جن دنوں غم زیادہ ہوتا ہے

Jin Dinoon Main Gham Ziada Htoa Hai

(Basir kazmi) باصر کاظمی

دور سایہ سا ہے کیا پھولوں میں

Dorr Saya Sa Hai Kiya Pholoon Main

(Basir kazmi) باصر کاظمی

دل لگا لیتے ہیں اہل دل،وطن کوئی بھی ہو

Dil Laga Lete Hain Ehle Watan

(Basir kazmi) باصر کاظمی

دم صبح آندھیوں نے جنہیں رکھ دیا مسل کے

Daam Subha Andhiyoon Main Ne Jinhain

(Basir kazmi) باصر کاظمی

بحردل میں یہ جو کیفیت ہیجانی ہے

Behre Dil Main Yeh Ju

(Basir kazmi) باصر کاظمی

بیتے ہوئے دنون کی فضا یاد آ گئی

Beete Dinoon Ki Fizza Yaad Aa Gaye

(Basir kazmi) باصر کاظمی

He was born in Pakistan in 1955. Basir Sultan Kazmi is a poet in the ghazal tradition of his illustrious father Nasir Kazmi (late). He studied and taught English Literature at the Government College Lahore. He did his M.Ed (1991) and M.Phil (2000) from the University of Manchester and PGCE in English (1995). He currently teaches in Manchester. He also worked for BBC’s Asian program (19991-92) and has been conducting poetry and drama workshops all over the UK. He has an Urdu poetry collection Moj-e-Khayal (1997) and translations of ghazals in A Little Bridge (1997), Generations of Ghazals (2003) and in several magazines and anthologies. His Urdu play Bisaat was published in 1987 and its translation The Chess Board in 1997. He won the North West Playwrights Workshop Award in 1992. His plays have been performed in northern theatres. He has recited his poetry in several cities of Europe, Pakistan and the USA.

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