Shaukat Pardesi Poetry - Shaukat Pardesi Shayari, Urdu Ghazal, Nazam Collection

Shaukat Pardesi Poetry, Shaukat Pardesi Shayari

- 1995-09-14 Kuala Lumpur

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His real name was Sheikh Mohammed Irfan. His pen name is Shaukat Pardesi was born in April 1924. He was a poet, editor and lyricist born in Malaysia. Although his father Sheikh Sahib Ali hailed from a small village, Maroofpur in Jaunpur district of India but he migrated to Malaysia. Pardesi was associated with Urdu Daily Inquilab an acted as the Editor of Film Times Weekly magazine. He published as well as edited an acclaimed monthly Urdu magazine entitled Munna for children. His ghazals and nazms were not merely restricted to journals but have also been recorded by HMV in the melodious voices of various famous singers of his time viz. Talat MahmoodManna Dey, Shyam Lala and others. He died in October 1995.