.:The foreign minister said it was a high time for political leadership to forge unity on Kashmir issue setting aside their differences.

To a question, he said Pakistan had avoided any step in Gilgit Baltistan that could undermine its legal and historical position in Kashmir case.

He said the prime minister had formed a committee under his chair that would review all bilateral agreements with India keeping in view their implications for the country.

He said through its unilateral decisions on Kashmir, India had violated the Simla Agreement that had called for bilateralism.

He said the government had to deliberated over the issues in historic perspectives, not emotionally.

To a question, Qureshi ruled out 'military option', saying, any war between the two nuclear powers would be tantamount to a suicide which the world could never afford. Pakistan would carry forward the Kashmir issue diplomatically, he added.

However, he explained that Pakistan would exercise its right to defend as it had done in the recent past when India had breached Pakistan's sovereignty.

Responding to a question, he said Pakistan was concerned about Yasim Malik's health and India should allow her wife Mishal Malik to see him if the country had nothing to conceal.

He said PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto and leaders from the PML-N had also arrived here on Eid day which gave a message of unity on Kashmir issue. If we started politicking on Kashmir, it will damage the cause, he remarked.

He also questioned the apathy of the international NGOs toward the human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) . He also asked the international media whether they could interview the Indian foreign minister in IOK as they had done with him in AJK.

He asked why India had closed doors to media if they had nothing to conceal and why the Modi government was depriving the people of their right to express.

In another media interaction after his meeting with AJK President Sardar Masood Khan, the foreign minister said that he wanted to get input from the president on the issue as he was also part of the committee headed by him (foreign minister).

He said he would welcome input from any diplomat or expert as it was not an issue related to an individual, party or region, rather it was the case of Pakistan and Kashmiri people.

He said the input from the AJK President would be fruitful as the latter had vast diplomatic exposure particularly his stint at the United Nations because the common man could not understand the procedures at the United Nations.

"I want to tell the nation, this is not an event in which you will go (to UNSC) and will get a decision after a single sitting.

This is not so. You would be misunderstanding, if you think so. The nation should not set wrong expectations. This is a process and we have to make this process multi-pronged," the foreign minister said.

He said considering the feared human rights violations and genocide, Pakistan could also mull over moving to the UN Human Rights Council as well.

To a question about the blockade of Twitter and Facebook accounts for sharing the contents showing violence in Kashmir, Qureshi said the world had interests attached with a market of around one billion people.

"You have seen a new re-alignment in this region. You have seen, isn't it? You would have got my hint Many people have invested their capital there. Though we talk of Muslim Ummah and islam, the protectors of Ummah have also huge investment there. They have their interests there," he remarked.

He said it was easy to provoke sentiments and raise objections but taking a matter forward prudently was complicated.

"They are not awaiting to receive you there (at UNSC). Any of the P-5 members can create hurdle. Do you have any doubt? You should not even have. Do not live in fool's paradise. Let the people of Pakistan and Kashmir be aware, no one is awaiting you at feast. You will have to launch a new struggle. There is no such conducive atmosphere," the foreign minister said before concluding to leave for his telephonic conversation with his Polish counterpart.

The AJK President said the people from AJK and IOK were united to undo the situation. He said the Kashmiris were thankful to the government of Pakistan for taking steps after the unilateral Indian action in IOK.

Terming the deployment of additional 180,000 Indian troops in IOK as invasion, he said the Indian forces were making bloodshed amid the media blackout.

He said the pellet guns were being used mercilessly and on Eid day, the troops were treating the Kashmiri people as sacrificial animals.

He said India was trying to change the demography of the territory by bifurcating the area. After this step, the Hindu nationalists had given a message that they had been eying for land, jobs and even the Kashmiri girls considering them as spoils-of-war, he added.

"The people of Pakistan, people of Kashmir and Muslims from across the world will never allow this, if they have any morality," the president remarked.

Appreciating the encouraging response from different countries and statements from UN Secretary General, he said the international media had strongly condemned the Indian actions which could drag the whole region into a nuclear war.

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