Wazir Agha Poetry, Wazir Agha Shayari

وزیر آغا - Wazir Agha

2018 سرگودھا

Poetry of Wazir Agha, Urdu Shayari of Wazir Agha

وزیر آغا کی شاعری

وہ برنگ دگر ہی جائے گا

Wo Barang E Digar Hi Jaye Ga

(Wazir Agha) وزیر آغا

صلیب سنگ پہ لکھا مرا فسانہ گیا

Saleeb Sang Pe Likha Mera Fasana Gaya

(Wazir Agha) وزیر آغا

کنج دل تک تو بے نشاں پہنچے

Kanj Dil Tak To By Nishaan Pohnchy

(Wazir Agha) وزیر آغا

کیا لمس تھا کہ سارا بدن جگمگا گیا

Kiya Lams Tha K Sara Badan Jagmaga Giya

(Wazir Agha) وزیر آغا

کب سے ہے تیری کھوج میں اے صبح بے نشاں

Kab Se Tere Khooj Main Ee Subha Benishan

(Wazir Agha) وزیر آغا

دل ڈھل چکا تھا اور پرندہ سفر میں تھا

Din Dhal Chuka Tha Or Parinda

(Wazir Agha) وزیر آغا

چھوٹا ترا نگر تو ہم اپنے نگر گئے

Chota Tera Nagar Tu Hum Apne Nagar Gaye

(Wazir Agha) وزیر آغا

Wazir Agha was born on 18 May 1922 in the village Wazir Kot in the Sargodha district. Agha picked up the Persian language from his father, Punjabi from his mother and the English language from his British friends. He graduated from Government College, Jhang. He received his masters in Economics from Government College, Lahore. He was awarded the degree of doctorate by the University of Punjab in 1956 for his research on humor and satire in Urdu Literature. Wazir Agha was the editor of the college magazine "Chanab" in Government College, Jhang. From 1960 to 1963, he acted as a co-editor of Adbi Duniya and from 1965 onwards. Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) has published a book on life and work of Dr. Wazir Agha under publishing project of "Makers of Pakistani Literature". Wazir Agha also wrote an autobiography Shaam Ki Mundair Sey. Wazir Agha died on 7 September 2010 in Lahore.

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